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Eliot Spitzer DiD not Resign Due to a Call Girl. Follow Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer's Money Trail.

"following Cuomo's role model, Spitzer, and Spitzer's money trail"

""Follow Cuomo's and Spitzer's Money Trails Pursuing "The Ring."

First, following Cuomo's role model, Spitzer, and Spitzer's money trail (Or How the People of NY lost big):

If you believe Eliot Spitzer resigned only because of a whore, please contact me for a three life or 99 year lease on a bridge. Spitzer funded his Governor's campaign with a shakedown that damaged NY finances.

Here's a quote from Great Britain on the election of Eliot Spitzer:

"Barring the most astonishing electoral upset in history, Eliot Spitzer will, by the time you read this, be governor-elect of New York.

History will come to view him as one of the most damaging figures in the history of the state. It is difficult to imagine that he will, as governor, do anything to counter the damage he has already done to American business, or even that he would wish to do so.

As governor, he will probably continue to make things much worse."

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Was Spitzer worth his cost to the People of NY? Should Spitzer have become our first Jewish President?

NYT's Wake Up Call: Did Clinton resign because of Monica? Did Spitzer resign because his moral standing was eroded? Did Spitzer have a moral standard? Did Spitzer resign, because there was a more to hide, and he got a deal, he couldn't refuse from federal prosecutors? If federal prosecutors offered a deal, do the People have to accept it, also?

Second, following Cuomo's money trail:

Is Cuomo like Spitzer, a Gollum, obsessed with the "Ring," and becoming Governor and our first Italian president?

Do the People of NY benefit when Cuomo shakes down lawyers for his campaign treasury, instead of Spitzer shaking down Wall Street? Cuomo built a 16 million dollar campaign fund with payoffs by lawyers with cases against NY State.

In the end don't the payoffs made to Cuomo's treasury come at the expense of the People of NY whose interests were compromised? Was the salary paid by the People of NY insufficient for Cuomo' needs?

Matthew 6:24 "No man can serve two masters" nor can the People's attorney.

Here is the applicable Disciplinary Rule copied from the NY State's Codes, Rules and Regulations:

DR 5-101 [1200.20] Conflicts of Interest - Lawyer's Own Interests.

A lawyer shall not accept or continue employment if the exercise of professional judgment on behalf of the client will be or reasonably may be affected by the lawyer’s own financial, business, property, or personal interests, unless a disinterested lawyer would believe that the representation of the client will not be adversely affected thereby and the client consents to the representation after full disclosure of the implications of the lawyer’s interest.

Questions in regard the blue text above for Andrew Cuomo:

1. Did you obtain the consent of the People after full disclosure of the implications before you took the money for your own personal campaign interests? Answer -NO.

2. A special prosecutor?

3. Is your defense, Spitzer did it first? ""

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