Monday, April 26, 2010

Foley and Lardner Law Firm - Frank Cumberbatch - James P. Connelly - the Boca Grande,LLC

Sent in by a Reader..

" Crystal

After reading your post in regards to the alleged CPA, I find it disturbing that Mr. James P. Connelly, a partner with Foley & Lardner, is the instrumental force behind the Boca Grande, LLC.

The person heading up the Boca Grande 32 million dollar renovation in Ripon, Wi. is a Mr. Frank Cumberbatch, a lobbyist from Milwaukee.

Cumberbatch & Connelly have indicated that they would like to create a Republican Party museum and a 12 million dollar spa & hotel with several restaurants.

They, Boca Grande LLC, also have acquired Dotnet which is now Granite Communications.

It appears that after reading your recent post, that Aurora Healthcare may also be in question. Aurora is one of the states largest employers and between Aurora & Foley & Lardner, it appears that large amount of lobbying money flow into Madison, Wi., our state capital.

Interestingly, the Ripon Society, was founded in Ripon in or around 1960. The president of Ripon society knew of a Mr. Stanford of Stanford Securities, & also worked as a lobbyist for them.

Does any of this have any reason for concern? I wonder......? Keep me posted...


Concerned "

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