Friday, April 23, 2010

I am Dedicated to Protecting Industry Whistleblowers to the Best of My Ability .. it is just My Life Now.. Bless all Whistleblowers.

My name is Crystal L. Cox -I started this Blog Network to blow the Whistle on the Real Estate Industry, this has turned into a large whistleblowing network that is exposing some very deep and dark Cultures of Corruption... and Well this wall of corruption is something that one cannot face alone.. it is impossible to be heard as the local corruption, state and federal corruptio finds ways to discredit you and silence you even though your telling the Whole Truth and Nothing but..

Eliot Bernstein escaped the traditional ways of silencing whistleblowers which was the Car Bomb and the Mental Istitute.. however he has thus far been in a decade of stress and hell .. even though he has around 1200 document of proof online of Major Corruption among Top Law Firms, Major tech Companies and more... and over the last decade Eliot Bernstein.. though his invention .. that he and the Iviewit Inventors created is truly amazing and has changed all our lives.. and well made Billions for Lockheed Martin, Intel Corp. Sony, Warner Bros. and many more companies.. I would have to say what Eliot Bernstein's non-stop determination has really done is give voice to many more like him suffering in the dark, hiding in the shadows behind a Wall of Corruption so high that as one THEY never had a chance... Eliot Bernstein has stood up tall as has his wonderfully strong family and together they have pushed through to what we are all stepping up to now which is the fall of Major Law Firms, the Fall of Major corruption and the Fall of a greed that once we all thought was simply impossible...

now We are all a part of something great as whistleblowers come to me daily to get them heard and through all this I must say to you.. I am certainly dedicated to Protecting Whistleblowers to the best of my ability with my Industry Whistleblower and Exposing Corruption Network that WE have built...

I am dedicated to giving voice to victims though it is a life that comes with constant hate, constant harassment and is certainly not easy... however.. i could now live no other way.. and I want Thank All you whistleblowers with the Courage to Speak the Truth.. though you lose everything you ever knew for it..

Bless You All..

Check Out Eliot Bernstiein - Whistleblower's Story..