Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New iPhone 4G Discovery is no Hoax or Prank -

"" Even NY Times agrees that New Apple 4G iPhone is Made Public by Gizmodo is no hoax or prank. The Suite101 news article was one of several hundred indexed by Google News April 19, 2010.

News of the new iPhone became a source of second-guessing, supposing that it was a prank by Gawker-owned Gidzmodo to gain site visitors or a publicity stunt by apple to boost earnings statements.

Also, a story titled "Apple Wants its Missing iPhone 4G Back, Please" by Amar Toor published by, April 20, 2010 accessed April 20, 2010, stated, in part:

"Yesterday, Gizmodo gave an in-depth explanation of how it got a hold of the unreleased iPhone, claiming that it was discovered at a German beer garden in Redwood City, CA, apparently left behind by a 27-year-old Apple software engineer."

Toor went on to explain that Gawker Media CEO, parent company of Gizmodo, claimed to have paid $5,000 for the alleged new iPhone.

Skeptics Called for Proof New iPhone Discovery is no Hoax or Prank
Perhaps skeptics questions were laid to rest by a NY Times posting April 19, 2010 with For Apple, Lost iPhone is a Bid deal by Miguel Helft and Nick Bilton states, "The phone’s authenticity was hotly debated, but most bloggers concluded it was real.

And a person with knowledge of Apple’s hardware plans who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company confirmed to The New York Times that it was real." Published April 19, 2010, accessed April 20, 2010 ""


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