Sunday, April 18, 2010

St. Charles Medical Center in Bend Oregon has Kidnapped Bankruptcy Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung, CPA in Bend Oregon

Jim Biegel CEO - St. Charles Medical Center, Dr. Joseph Barrett - St. Charles Medical Center, Dr. Ben Elison - Dr. Jeffrey Gray - St. Charles Medical Center ..

Dr. Kevin McCarty, and more conspirators coming soon.. Stephanie Deyoung has been Kidnapped by St. Charles Medical Center in Bend Oregon - Cascade Healthcare Community in Bend Oregon.

Urgent Request and Statement from
Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit

"" From: Eliot Bernstein

Sent: Sun, April 18, 2010 1:50:52 AM

Subject: URGENT HELP NEEDED - KIDNAPPED WHISTLEBLOWER: St. Charles Medical Center in Bend Oregon

Any help that anyone can give to this KIDNAPPED WHISTLEBLOWER would beappreciated. I spoke to Stephanie and while her will is strong, despite drugging by the hospital, her sons 13th bday was yesterday and being ripped from her children despite her will, is killing her and me too.
So if you have a contact in any fed departments etc. please feel free to contact Crystal Cox or myself and we will get her info forwarded.

Any blogs posts etc. of the info will also help.

They are a step away from killing Whistleblowers and this loss of freedom is outrageous, in fact, kidnappingis just about equal to murder.

Not only are they holding her against will, they have tried to bribe Crystal that if she stops blogging they will release her or something to that effect, which puts them as extorting Crystal using Stephanie as bait or hostage.

If Stephanie had been in a mental institution and then told me about a conspiracy I would think her nuts but since she whistleblew first and then they put her in, their actions further confirm her story against those who have had a hand in imprisoning her while having interest in the outcome, like going to jail.

So, please help if you can.

Eliot Bernstein ""

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