Thursday, April 29, 2010


"" Question : What does it take to get constitution protection of basic and fundamental civil rights in America or be put in a witness protection program in this country when trying to expose corruption in the government, at least for your wife and children after all of the following actions are taken against you?

· Your family’s minivan being bombed with a bomb so powerful it blew up three cars next to it. An hour before your family was to be driving in it.

· Death threats from your former President & COO, Brian Utley made on behalf of law firms Foley and Lardner and Proskauer Rose, LLP, that if the crimes were exposed to authorities that your family would be murdered.

· Patents, trademarks and copyrights stolen from you

· Millions of dollars of investors monies stolen from your company, including monies from the SBA through SBIC loans

· The destruction of your life. Being forced to flee with your family for over 6 years, moving into hotels at first to hide and build a case, then running from home to home, back and forth between Florida and California 4 times, attempting to expose the crimes and pleading for justice, all the while fearing for the lives of your wife and children

· Dastardly acts by your former attorneys, or former mobsters disguised as attorneys to destroy the evidence of their crimes against you, worse yet, their crimes against the United States. Using a system of Racketeering and Public Office Abuse to turn law against you, justice against you, the courts against you and block due process and procedure of the complaints filed against them and the investigations ordered of the matters.

· Destroying your ability to earn a living, destroying your ability to relax and enjoy your infant children, heaping pressure after pressure on your marriage, your friendships and overall ability to live life; denied of life, liberty and the pursuit of anything sane.

· The FBI and US Attorney’s office losing your case files not only for the Iviewit matters but the attempted murder and car bombing

· Court ordered investigations derailed that would have blown the lid off and perhaps ended the nightmare ""

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