Monday, May 31, 2010

Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC Knows of a Massive Shareholder Fraud that Will Cost YOU Millions.

Information Below on Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC, and the knowledge of AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. Executive of Massive Shareholder Fraud that has been FAILED to be Disclosed for nearly a Decade.

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As Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC, Julie Jacobs oversees all of the transactional and corporate legal work for the company.

It is My Understanding that Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC has been made aware of a Massive Shareholder Fraud involving a Technology that was Stolen about a decade ago, this Technology is now used in pretty much all TV, Computer, and Digital Media. Warner Bros.

In my Understanding Time Warner Inc. , Warner Bros. and AOL had some very iron clad agreements with the Iviewit Technology company, they had licensing agreements and agreements to not disclose the Iviewit Invention and then Warner Inc. , Warner Bros. and AOL simply used the technology and made billions and never did honor their agreement with the Iviewit Technology Company or the Iviewit Inventors.

From the Links Below it appears that there is No Speculation, no Room for Investigation at all.. there is only signed agreements, facts and well a Whole Lot of Liabilty for a Decade now to the Shareholder of Warner Inc. , Warner Bros. and AOL .

Iviewit SEC Complaint Naming Ira Parker - AOL

more from Document Sourced in this Post..

In this role, she is at the forefront of the cutting edge business and legal issues faced by one of the leading companies in the dynamic and fast-growing new media industry.

What a Crock !!! Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC knows of a Fraud so HUGE that Shareholders may never recover and she seems to be hiding this information and yet we are suppose to believe that she is on the cutting edge, she is at the forefront and some sort of big wig in new media??? What?

Ms. Jacobs leads deals across AOL’s global operations including in the areas of advertising, marketing, distribution, content licensing, technology licensing, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, dispositions, investments and restructurings.

Leads Deals? Hmmm.. I Believe AOL Split from Time Warner because they were trying to outfun the Iviewit Technologies Scandal, and well there will be recessionary rights now.. in my understand of all this.. and it seems the greatest deal that Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC has done and continues to cover up... is the deal where AOL shareholders made big money from the Iviewit Technologies and still due .. while NEVER honoring agreements for this Stolen Technology... I guess that is a Good Deal.. just Not Legal or in any way on the Right Side of the Moral Compass.

She is also responsible for advising on securities law compliance and corporate governance issues including Sarbanes-Oxley.

Hmmm.. In My opinion... Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC has no knowledge or clue what so ever in Securities Law Compliance ... I mean come on.. doesn't Julie Jacobs - Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of AOL LLC know that she will lose everything and face Criminal Charges when the AOL shareholders wake up to the Truth of the Iviewit Technologies Stolen Patent.

Maybe Julie Jacobs is So Good at Securities Law Compliance that she is able to keep this Massive Shareholder Fraud a Secret and has so many connections in the SEC and Courts that She actually believes she will be able to continue this decade old SECRET that will cost shareholders billions of dollars.

Ms. Jacobs has played a critical role in the implementation of AOL’s strategic shift from a subscription based internet service provider to an advertising supported web services business. She has led a series of key, high-profile acquisitions in the highly competitive space of online advertising which were instrumental to AOL’s efforts to build a world-class online ad network.

Each of these acquisitions
– which together represent an investment of well over $1 billion – is an integral component of AOL's recently announced Platform-A, the world's largest digital display advertising platform.

Again.. thing that make you say Hmmm... Worlds Largest Digital Display Advertising Program, are you Kidding Me..???

so this is HUGE for Online Ad Dollars Globally and there is no Doubt in my mind, in my opinion from what I know of the Iviewit Technology ... that this Program is Using this Stolen Technology.. in which the Iviewit Inventors have received no compensation and in fact have had their car bombed, and have been harassed and been subject to corruption from district courts to Supreme Courts and All to hide the True Inventors of the technology that AOL is using to make Billions.. Thing is the gig is up.. we Know the Truth and it is Time for the Iviewit Inventors to be Compensated for a Decade worth of use of THEIR Invention...

They Made Billions and then they made multi-billion dollar deals that would lead to even more money and all this after they signed agreements with the Iviewit Technologies Company - Founder - Inventors.. and somehow this is a good thing ??? I mean Julie Jacobs - AOL General Counsel seems to tout herself as some sort of big shot.. well it does not take a whole lot of smarts to steal a technology and then market it.. especially if it is the Holy Grail Technology that has NOW been used in all our lives for near a decade...

Now there are actual contracts signed by Warner Bros. Before the AOL Split and YET still a split and then Billions of Dollars of deals internationally using this technology they had no right to use or to DISCLOSE?

In addition, Ms. Jacobs oversaw the sales of the access businesses in France, Germany and the United Kingdom for a total of nearly $2 billion.

What? International Billions upon Billions every year.. and in my opinion all based on the Iviewit Technology and those Contracts that were never honored by the Corrupt Executives at AOL, Warner Bros. and Time Warner inc. as well as the Corrupt Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein of Proskauer Rose - along with Corrupt MPEG LA who Illegally Pooled the Iviewit Technologies into Patent Pools to hide this Massive Fraud.

Ms. Jacobs also negotiated AOL’s expansion of its strategic alliance with Google, including Google’s $1 billion equity investment in AOL and key business arrangements in the areas of web search, interactive marketing, display advertising, video search and instant messaging.

Ms. Jacobs currently manages a team of over 90 attorneys, contract specialists and administrative personnel.

So is Google Helping to STOMP on Inventors Rights? It is my understanding that Google is innocent in the Iviewit Technologies Heist, however Now Google is Liable Right? I mean if Google has this kind of Equity in AOL then Google will Loose Billions on top of Billions when the Iviewit Inventors and the Iviewit Investors Finally do Get their Justice and Financial Compensation and they will.. .. as this Story Will Never End.. it is the Greatest Stolen Technology - Denied Patent Story EVER and these Companies cannot HIDE... the Truth is online for all to SEE and it is Time to Wake UP..

Prior to assuming her current position, Ms. Jacobs managed the international legal work for AOL’s operations worldwide. AOL had operations, directly or through joint ventures, in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and United Kingdom.

Before coming to AOL, Ms. Jacobs was with the law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, where her practice focused on a wide variety of international development and telecommunications projects with an emphasis on financing in the commercial bank, governmental/multilateral institutional and capital markets.

Ms. Jacobs was selected by the Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel as one of three finalists in the category of Dealmaker of the Year in 2007.

In addition, she was selected to attend the Breakthrough Leadership Program, a leadership development program for women executives selected across Time Warner and its divisions designed to enhance leadership skills and share strategies for business success of women leaders.

More on the Iviewit Technology Heist
at and at www.Iviewit.TV

Soon Every Shareholder of AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. Will get certified Letters that include the SEC Complaint so far ignored, includes proof that the CEO and General Counsel as well as other executives AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. KNEW of the Contracts with Iviewit Technologies and have known for around a Decade.. the Shareholders of AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. will get information on who knew and who they need to sue and press criminal charges against for this Massive Shareholder Fraud... including those at the Patent Office - Supreme Court - Proskauer Rose - Foley and Lardner and many more who knew of this Massive Shareholder for fraud for around a decade now...

AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. Executives KNOW full well that the Longer they Fail to Disclose this Massive Shareholder Fraud - the More damage it will do to the Shareholders ... however you see what seems to be the pattern is they cover it up as they can - pay off judges, patent officers, attorneys and whoever they need to at the SEC and all levels of this Massive Corruption .. and they only seem to do this until they can get out of that company .. move on.. then these executives seem to think it will be the problem of the AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. Shareholders and THE fat cat Executives will Get to Keep their Billions they hide in Protected Retirement Funds...

So all they need to do is escape the TRUTH.. lie - cheat and coverup long enough to hide their retirement.. AND heck with the retirement - blood, sweat and tears of the shareholders of AOL, Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. - So Wake UP Shareholders YOUR Losing EVERYTHING..