Thursday, May 20, 2010

MPEG LA is Corrupt - How is MPEG LA still in Business At ALL?

It is not accusations, or speculation. .. it is Cold Hard Facts that MPEG LA pools patents that they have NO RIGHT to and then sells licensing agreements to patents they have no legal right to do so. Look at the www.IViewit.TV website and you will see that Proskauer Rose - Kenneth Rubenstein helped MPEG LA to steal the Iviewit Technologies Patent and to pool this technology with other patents to cover up a Trillion Dollar Fraud...

MPEG LA has been covering up this Trillion Dollar Technology Fraud for around a decade, and MPEG LA has certainly created massive fraud to investors and those who own stock in technology companies and all kinds of companies in which use the Iviewit Technology Illegally.

Question is How Long Will MPEG LA be able to cover up their lies and deceit? How long will license holders, tech companies and all using these Patent Pools buy into the MPEG LA scandal?

Some MPEG LA Bull in the News and Blogs..

""Per Section 3.1.2 of the AVC License (Title-by-Title AVC Video), the royalty for each title greater than 12 minutes in length is 2.0 percent of the remuneration paid to the Licensee or $0.02 per title, whichever is lower. In other words, the royalty would not exceed $0.02 per disc for the videographer," said MPEG LA spokesman Tom O'Reilly.

But practical matters also factor into the likelihood of actual enforcement--for example in the situation in which a Windows 7 user watches H.264 video.

"Realistically, it's unlikely that a consumer who unwittingly plays a video clip from an unlicensed source is going to be pursued by MPEG-LA or by patent owners. The legal framework for patent damages is different than it is in the copyright area, so you're not likely to see lawsuits against ordinary consumers, like some of the highly publicized suits filed by the RIAA [Recording Industry of America] in the United States," Homiller said.

Another way where professionals can get off the hook for payments is if the video is broadcast for free over the Internet. Earlier this year, MPEG LA extended through 2015 a provision that means streaming H.264 video over the Net requires no royalty payments as long as anyone can see the video without paying.

Ultimately, for the license terms one sees in software, MPEG LA errs on the side of sounding tough.

"The purpose of the provision in the MPEG LA license is to ensure that the license doesn't cover commercial distribution of H.264-encoded video," Homiller said. "It would be nice if there were a 'gentler' way to convey this, but it might be challenging to do so without opening up some loopholes that the licensers would regret.""
Seems to me that MPEG LA is pretty high and mighty and throwing their weight around on patents and technology rights that MPEG LA Really has no Right to.

MPEG LA Charging Royalties - what a Joke... Look Deeper Folks - Knowledge is Power.

""Apple is missing because it put its full support behind another video codec, H.264. H.264 is not an open standard. H.264 is free to use for the next five years, but after that MPEG LA plans on charging a royalty for using it.

It is a proprietary standard, owned by a consortium of tech companies called MPEG LA. Apple and Microsoft have both contributed patents to MPEG LA, so they are part of the consortium.""

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This article is interesting in that Apple and MPEG LA seem to be in bed together .. hmmm on Trillions of Dollars in Video licensing and technology schemes... it is my understanding that Bruce Sewell was at Intel as their general council when Kenneth Rubenstein - Corrupt Proskauer Rose Patent Attorney participated in MPEG LA illegally pooling the iViewit stolen Technologies into MPEG LA Patent Pools - in connection with Warner Bros. - Time Warner Inc.

Bruce Sewell then General council of Intel knew of the Fraud against the Iviewit Technologies Inventors and his solution seemed to be to do nothing, there by aiding and abetting Illegal activity and Massive Shareholder Fraud on the shareholders of Intel and in turn the shareholders of Time Warner Inc. , Warner Bros. and on AOL - which has massive financial consequences to the shareholders and insurance providers and to this day has not been disclosed.. though Jeffrey Bewkes CEO and Curtis Lu General Counsel are fully aware of this Massive Fraud on the Shareholders.

Anyway Bruce Sewell left Intel under very odd circumstance... and well I believe that Bruce Sewell had more than just General Council Skills to bring to the table when Bruce Sewell went to Apple... and now it seems that Apple and MPEG are very close even to the point of going up against google together.. hmmmm..

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