Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who Knows about the Massive Shareholder Liability that the Stolen Iviewit Technologies Brings and what are They Doing About it?

What a Train Wreck..

Well Tons of People Know.. and Many are Jumping Ship... others are hiding in the shadows and well it all Spells Massive Liability to Shareholders who are innocent..

So Why are So many attorneys, judges, CEOs, General Counsels and Company Owners leaving their companies - switching positions when the Obvious Fact of their companies involvement in the Iviewit Stolen Technology is coming their way?

Well the answer is obvious of course that they don't want to be associated with that company or that position when the Trillion Dollar Liability Lands on the Doorstep of their company or law firm.. and in many cases these people are being removed subtly .. to protect secrets.. when the Truth is So easily proven.. why not just face the music now and deal with the iViewit Inventors and Investors and Quit this cat and mouse game?

Why not just do the right thing.. it has been a decade?

Ok SO Everyone is Jumping Ship, Changing Positions, Merging, Selling the company or throwing up huge amounts of smoke.. and well We Still See the TRUTH of the Iviewit Stolen Technology and Denied Patent ... and every piece of paper, cover up, wall of corruption thrown up, diversion, and pay off will hit the blogs and the Shareholders involved in this Massive Shareholder Fraud will Easily see ALL the Proof of Fraud and just how long these high paid attorneys and executive knew of this fraud and this Major Liability to Shareholders and Deliberately did not Disclose..

the Lawsuits will be Immense.. as the shareholders pay the price for the Iviewit Stolen Technology Scandal.. well they won't take it laying down and these Smart, Savvy Shareholders will Sue the Executive, Law Firms, Judges, Attorneys, Clerks, Patent Officers, CEO's. Vice Presidents, General Counsels and all who obviously and blatantly hid this Massive Shareholder fraud and for so very long...

So who are a few of the Names that have Participated in this Massive Shareholder Fraud and have Jumped Ship, SOLD the company, are trying to merge or were forced out of the company or law firm... Well here is a few.. of these Corrupt, Non-Disclosing, Shareholder Life Ruining.. Executives - Attorneys - Accountants and .....

We have Bruce Sewell general counsel of Intel Corp. Jumped to Apple after he knew of the Iviewit Technologies stolen patent and the Liability it would be to Intel Shareholders. Instead of Disclosing this Blatant and Obvious Fraud to Intel Shareholder Bruce Sewell jumped ship from Intel General Counsel to Apple General Counsel. And well it looks now like Apple is In bed with MPEG LA, and well MPEG LA with the help of Corrupt Proskauer Rose Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein Illegally Pooled the Iviewit Technology in their Patent Pools.. and is griping about others infringing on patents.. for Shame.. for Shame..

The question still remains whether Bruce Sewell took information on the Iviewit Technologies to Apple with him, however in the Current news and the Obvious alliance with MPEG LA and Apple - it seems that Bruce Sewell may have his hands in deep with the iViewit Stolen Technologies that the ENTIRE world is Now Using.

So Bruce Sewell bailed and if you look at my site on Bruce Sewell at and my site on Intel Corp. and their involvement in the iViewit stolen patent at you see that the evidence is Obvious and quite clear as to the fact that Bruce Sewell knew of the Iviewit Company.. stolen technology before he left Intel Corp. - you will also see on those sites that there were odd and rather quick circumstance in then General Counsel Bruce Sewell leaving Intel Corp.

Intel Bruce Sewell departs Intel right after letter from Iviewit Technologies to him and CEO Otellini who is rumored to also be on his way out of Intel.

The Shareholders NEED to know that these top Intel exectives know about these Massive Shareholder Frauds and they have done nothing to warn the Shareholders.. and then they just jump ship.. .

Intel Capital where Hassan Miah came from and where he went back we find fishy practices leading to arrests....

SGI - Iviewit sends over Intel letter and more to SGI counsel informing them of 12 count 12 trillion lawsuit and more from Real3D, they decide the solution to this trillion dollar liability and massive shareholder fraud is bankruptcy, which they had just emerged from and this time they forgot to notify the court of liabilities and then the Ropes and Gray Lawyer gets busted in and insider case.

Jeffrey Bewkes Time Warner CEO replaced Time Warner Chairman & CEO Dick Parsons - now Dick Parsons Knew of the Iviewit Stolen Technology.. all this shifting around and smoke screens and yet the Truth Remains the Truth.. more on Jeffrey L. Bewkes at - my blog on Jeff Bewkes.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Replaced Randy Falco in March of 2009 and AOL COO Ron Grant also left the Company.. all bailing with information that AOL Shareholders NEEDED to know..

Next up we have Original Iviewit Stolen Technologies conspirator then Corrupt Proskauer Rose Attorney Christopher C. Wheeler jumped ship not long ago or was fired as he went to the GEO Group Even after the Geo Group went to my many Blogs on the details of the Iviewit Stolen Patent .. and so the GEO Group knew the liability they were taking on and took it anyway.. my guess is that Christopher Wheeler brought connections, conflicts of interests, favors owed by judges and attorneys and his connection to the state bar and ethical board and so that all outweighed the Trillion Dollar Liability of iViewit.. at any rate Christopher C. Wheeler Proskauer Rose bailed and that in NO Way take Liability from Proskauer Rose for Christopher Wheeler's Illegal activity that Proskauer Rose has known about for a decade..
more on Chris Wheeler.. Proskauer Rose

Chris Wheeler and the GEO Group

We have Ira Parker AOL General Counsel Replaced by Julie Jacobs, who had been at AOL since 2000 and surely knows of the Iviewit Stolen Patent. And well Ira Parker Definitely knew about the iViewit Stolen Technology.. more on Julie Jacobs and Ira Parker AOL click below..

Remember the Nerve and Very Bad Business choice that CBIZ made in buying Corrupt Gerald R. Lewin's company Goldstein Lewin & Company?

Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., CBIZ was certainly not thinking on this buy out.. or as we see in recent news maybe Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., CBIZ bought Goldstein Lewin & Company to cover up secrets, liabilities and connections that Goldstein Lewin & Company had on them..

We know that Greenberg Traurig was involved in the Iviewit Stolen Technology ( www.Iviewit.TV ) and we know that Goldstein and Lewin Co. was involved in the Iviewit Stolen Technology and we know that CBIZ was all over my blogs before they purchased Goldstein and Lewin Co., So we know that CBIZ, Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. knew full well of the iViewit Technologies liability they took on in the purchase of Goldstein and Lewin Co., and they purched Goldstein and Lewin Co. anyway ... and now we know that CBIZ is connected to Greenberg Traurig, so it looks like Jerry Lewin jumping ship has backfired on all and really now just connects CBIZ, Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. to the Iviewit Stolen Technology .. there is really no other way to look at it..

Gerald Lewin to CBIZ.. and all that corruption

Greenberg Trauig and CBIZ

Rumor has it Curtis Lu is bailing from Time Warner Inc. after talking to Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Founder and one of the Iviewit Technologies inventor... and discussion the Major Liability to Warner Bros. - Time Warner Inc. and AOL Inc. - and asking Eliot Bernstein what "his" ( another words Curtis Lu and Time Warner) what the Risk .. or Liability is.. and well it is Massive and so Now it looks like Curtis Lu is Looking to Leave Time Warner instead of Tell on the CEO and the Executives, and all those involved in covering up the Trillion Dollar Techology Heist of the Iviewit Technologies..

Also note the Connections that Curtis Lu has to Fannie Mae,
and in Turn to Proskauer Rose .. that Coming to my Blogs Soon..

Links on Curtis Lu - Time Warner Inc.

And don't forget in a way Enron Bailed, Collapsed and that was all because of Proskauer Rose Fraud in Connection with the Iviewit Stolen Technology...

Questions why has Kenneth Rubenstein not bail from Proskauer Rose? What is going on there.. ?? well you see he is in to deep in liability where would he go.. I mean didn't Kenneth Rubenstein Lie about being at Proskauer Rose when he first met with Iviewit Inventors? And then under some odd Circumstance was quickly transfered to te Proskauer Rose LLP Lawfirm? So Kenneth Rubenstein jumped ship in the begining you see...

More at

Mathew Triggs
When is Mathew Triggs going to Jump Ship?

What is Raymond Joao up to ?

Raymond Joao is all over the map with his actions.. filing this and that.. having counsel then not .. and what is he up to now other then looking at my blogs to see when the hammer will fall on his Corrupt - Illegal Behavior.

Brian Utley Jumped many ships.. he had a history of patent theft and is now at.. where I guess he put big money into that company.. hmm..

Brian Utley and iViewit Technology THEFT

And don't forget Judith Kaye, who in My Opinion used her Supreme Court Connections and favors owed to control the courts on the Obvious and Blatant Guilt of her husband Stephen Kaye and the Corruption at Proskauer Rose where he was a Partner... this along with Judith Kaye's connection to Steven Krane at Proskauer Rose.. it is My Belief that she was instramental in holding of True Justice for the Iviewit Inventors and Investors for nearly a decade.. and well Stephen Kaye jumped the ultimate ship as he passed away.. and Judith Kaye well she left the Supreme Court to stir up other political nightmares for New York..

The Wall of Corruption Protecting these Elite Criminal Law Firms, these Corrupt Technology Companies, these UnEthical Media and Television Companies, .. Well this wall of corruption is coming down and all those on the wrong side of the Moral Compass.. the wrong side of the Law.. well they will get caught under it.. basic physics...

Time for this Wall of Corruption to Fall..

Soon the Truth Will Be So Obvious to the Entire world
that There Will Be No Room for Denial.

This Corruption is committed Clearly and Boldly in Broad Day Light for all to see.. there is mountains of proof, hard evidence, facts, and there has been such an incredible conspiracy for so long that judges - attorneys - clerks - patent officers - politicians and well the Elite of the Elite are simply just use to it .. it is a way of life they have stopped even questioning.. however.. we the people are here NOW and we are questioning.. and this has to STOP...

These are the boys and girls that want you
kept in the dark though the
Light of Truth is Blatant and Obvious.

They want, they actually NEED you to stay in the dark and for YOU to keep on believing what they feed you.. regardless of the Truth you Can see with your Own Eyes, Hear with your Own Ears.

Mark My Words Proskauer Rose, Intel Corp., Lockheed Martin, AOL, Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros., Foley and Lardner, Jerry Lewin, CBIZ, Christopher Wheeler, Kenneth Rubenstein, Paul Otellini, Jeffery Bewkes, Tim Armstrong, Judith Kaye, Sony, IBM, Greenberg
Traurig, and all involved in the cover up of a Trillion Dollar Shareholder Fraud ..

You will no longer hide in the dark of deceit on "We the People".

Your every corrupt action Past - Present and Future will Rise in this new fangled thing called the Internet. New Media .. just as the New Media you used to ruin lives, destroy people, take down companies and create a decade of Hell for the Iviewit Technologies Inventors and Investors - well this New Technology.. this real news and new Online Media called Blogs will be what Keeps your Dark Lit up.

You may continue to hide, lie cover up for each other, use car bombs to silence the truth, hospitalize whistleblowers, pay off judges, infiltrate the supreme court, pay off law makers, hide money off shore, threaten people, create media illusions, and hide your true crimes from most for now.. however.. we will still be watching.. and we will continue to Expose your Every Deed... and there are thousands of us bloggers out here .. just waiting for tips and information from all you have wronged, cheated, used and mistreated over decades...

Blogs are Here to Stay,
Old Media is Out and
New Media is In.

New media is REALLY of the People - by the People for the People and the People will tell on you.. over and over again.. the Truth is Rising Like a Mighty Mountain Right Out of the Ground... It is glorious, strong and true and it will not lay down again EVER.

The Internet is your Nemesis, the Internet is the Light to your Dark - the Truth to your Lie.

Much More Coming Soon on those who know about the Massive Shareholder Fraud and have done nothing to protect Shareholders.. such as Mary Schapiro and many more..

oh and of course the Ultimate Ship Jumper .. Stephen Lamont.. still trying to figure out what boat he is on.. more on that coming soon..

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Crystal L. Cox
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