Monday, May 17, 2010

Why is Stephen Lamont still actiing on behalf of Iviewit Technologies?

Why is Stephen Lamont emailing Iviewit Shareholders and trying to get them to join a lawsuit on behalf of iviewit technologies?

Why is Stephen Lamont Selling Stocks that don't Exist?

If you look at the www.iViewit.TV homepage you see that in Stephen Lamont's own words he admits that council told him to act outside of Iviewit and that he, Stephen Lamont was the CEO of Iviewit and could not be because he was not voted in by a Board... so Stephen Lamont was never CEO yet continues to act as CEO and stir up the iviewit shareholders.. why? I Believe that Stephen Lamont constantly tries to sabotage in moving forward of justice or financial compensation for the original iviewit investors...

I believe that Stephen Lamont is connected with those who stole the iviewit patent.. just my opinion .. however why did Stephen Lamont stay out of it all for so long.. ?? why did he follow council and STOP acting as CEO or on behalf of Iviewit and even make a public statement that he was advised to act outside of iviewit.. and then a few months back Stephen Lamont surfaces and starts making noise... acting aggressive to Eliot Bernstein, Stirring Up investors and threatening me who had been posting - writing on the iviewit technologies story for many months prior to Stephen Lamont's attack on me.... and really I was actually getting the Iviewit Technologies story more Exposure, I was posting on the Massive Shareholder Fraud, the Attorney Corruption, and the Major Technology Companies that had violated the rights of the Iviewit Inventors... all this would seem to be pleasing to someone who was actually For the Iviewit Inventors and on the same team as the iViewit Founder and one of the Inventors Eliot Bernstein...

See my posts and writings were based on documents and information from the website.. the same site that Stephen Lamont posts online and uses in his Email Signature... it was also from interviews with the Iviewit Founder and one of the Iviewit Inventors Eliot Bernstein. So imagine my surprise when Stephen Lamont demanded that I not post anything about him, demanded that all my emails on Iviewit in any way go through him... and when I refused he told me to Get my Affairs in Order while I still had affairs to get in order..

So to me this can only mean that he wanted me to stop posting because the Cronies paying him were noticing and wondering why they were paying him.. I mean Obviously I don't know this for sure.. but logic sure leans this way. .. as well as when I posted Stephen Lamont's threatening email he immediately sent it to those involved in the patent theft that he was most likely "in bed with"..the Web Stats are pretty telling .. I mean what else could it possibly have been.. then after he stepped in it and proved all this .. if only to me.. then Stephen Lamont joins a hate group against me and tries to get other Iviewit Shareholders to join, then Stephen Lamont stops for a while.. Nothing..

Then the iViewit Techologies gets a tiny bit of movement and they get contacted by Curtis Lu of Time Warner Inc. See Curtis Lu wants to know what "his risk is" and other dumb questions of the year.. so he can make sure and duck and cover Yet Do Nothing and NOT Disclose to Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros. or AOL shareholders .. the Massive Shareholder Fraud that they are now involved in by no fault of their own.. and a Major Fraud that the Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros. and AOL executive have known about for about a decade now..

well Curtis Lu of Time Warner Inc. contacts Iviewit.. I post on it.. the search engines are consumed with the story and well Up surfaces Stephen Lamont with some bogus lawsuit with 10,000 people to be sued and tries to get the iviewit investors to join him.. even though he has NO legal right to act on behalf of iViewit Technologies or for Eliot Bernstein - iViewit Technologies Founder and one of the Iviewit Inventors.. and though Stephen Lamont knows he has no right and has admitted that he was counciled on this very topic.. still Stephen Lamont boldly continues to act as Iviewit CEO and to act on behalf of iViewit.. sign iviewit to his Emails and file documents on behalf of Iviewit .. with NO Legal Right.. Knowing he is breaking the law.. well to me this says that Stephen Lamont thinks he is protected somehow.. who is Stephen Lamont really.. ?? is he an Microsoft Plant.. is he Judith Kayes God Child... I mean why does he act like no laws apply to him and that he will never be held accountable for his blatant illegal behavior?

So why Does Stephen Lamont always Surface with some Bogus paperwork or Illegal .. unEthical behavior at just the moment when it looks like the Iviewit investors.. the iViewit Inventors may be getting some sort of light shown on them or some sort of real Investigative Reporting? It is all to convient if you ask me..

And so on top of the latest stir of some Lawsuit on behalf of Iviewit .. initiated by Stephen Lamont with No Legal Authority.. well Stephen Lamont seems to be bragging somehow about Selling Iviewit Shares to a Frank Brady... hmmm..

Who is Frank Brady? More on Frank Brady and how he or this Pen Name is Connected to the iViewit Technologies stolen patent case .. coming soon..

The Real issue here folks is .. go back to the website.. and again read where Stephen Lamont admits to being given legal council that he is NOT the CEO of Iviewit and that he should act outside of Iviewit and then any acting on behalf of iviewit technologies would be fraud as there was no board that voted him in.. and with all that.. well there was No Legal Stocks - Shares Issued.. so now How in the world do you sell shares that Do not really exist?

And if you pretend to, act as if you did, proclaim that you did to other investors in the Iviewit Technologies Company.. well is this Not Securities and Exchange Fraud..??? is this NOT Major Fraud and Should't the SEC be notified immediately of this potential Illegal Behavior? Is Selling a Private Security that Does not exist Legal? Well I am certainly no expert in any of this.. however to me .. in my opinion well How Could it Possibly be Legal.. ??

If stock was not Legally Issued then How in the World Can Stephen Lamont think that he can Legally sell Iviewit Shares or Stock in ANY way.. ?? and does he not think he will be held accountable for this Illegal behavior.. on Whose Authority is Stephen Lamont Really acting?

Well One day I am sure we will all know.. til then .. the Iviewit investors need to do their homework before signing anything that Stephen Lamont pushes on them.. talk to legal council.. more then one if you can afford it.. and make sure that you speak with the Iviewit Founder and one of the Iviewit Inventors.. Eliot Bernstein to get the Truth about who is Legally allowed to act and on whose behalf... Knowledge is Power...

It is my Understanding that Stephen Lamont Never EVER had Legal Authority to act on behalf of Iviewit.. Not Ever.. so why Does Stephen Lamont think he has any kind of authority NOW .. 10 years into the Iviewit Invention ... Stolen Patent Case..

More on this Breaking Story Coming Soon.. the Iviewit Stolen Technology case is really lighting up.. a Decade later and well it looks like the Corrupt Law Firms, Corrupt Patent Attorneys, Illegal Behavior, Tech Company Fraud and Flat out Theft is being taken serious ... and well every attempt to derail justice is being made and from the most unlikely sources.. stay Alert Iviewit Investors and Do not Be Duped into Illegal or unEthical Behavior.. Pay Attention.. I know it is 10 years in .. but it is time to Wake up.. Stay Alert and Sign NOTHING unless you are Absolutely sure of your Liability and consequences..