Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AOL - CEO Tim Amstrong IGNORES time sensitive information on Massive AOL - Time Warner - Warner Bros. Shareholder Fraud.

CEO Tim Amstrong - Wayne Smith AOL
" Dec. 31, 2009
Mr. Jerry Mc Kinley
Sr. Liason / Executive Escalation


Thank you for returning my business consultant Kevin Hall's voicemail left for AOL Inc. CEO Tim Amstrong on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009 regarding this Time Sensitive matter with likely catastrophic impacts to shareholders and respective companies herein.

Just to confirm, you indicated during this discussion with myself and Kevin Hall that you were a Senior Liaison with an Executive Escalation Unit within AOL that gets involved to try to resolve matters before going into the media and other avenues.

As you recall, Mr. Hall and I provided some of the most recent background and advised that you seek out time sensitive documents recently sent to Wayne Smith, Chief Patent Counsel and Vice President at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc as Mr. Smith was asked to forward to all Board Members / Executive Officers at AOL Inc., Warner Bros. and TW Inc but appears not to have done so.

You were also informed of key personnel within the respective companies such as Heidi Krauel ( spelling? ) of the AOL Investment Team, Ted Leonsis, Steve Case, Alan Bell, Chuck Dages, David Colter and many others who were originally involved and/or aware of the issues herein.

Therefore, I have attached a follow up Written Communication that you agreed to bring to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, AOL General Counsel Ira Parker, and AOL CFO Artie Minson and further indicated it was your role and job to make sure this matter goes to all the proper parties.

PLEASE NOTE that this matter Remains a Time Sensitive Matter seeking an immediate Agreement to Agree herein and that I will be taking steps to bring these matters directly to the remaining Board Members and Executive Officers / Executive Management Teams at WB Entertainment Inc. and Time Warner Inc.

I will anticipate as that all the companies herein named were just formerly one, that this will serve all addressed persons in the letter and that you will also as courtesy to me immediately deliver to all named parties, to include:

Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO ~ Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Alan F. Horn, President & COO ~ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Edward Romano, EVP & CFO ~ Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

John Rogovin, EVP & GC ~ Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Wayne Smith, VP, Sr. Litigation & Chief Patent Counsel ~ Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Jeffrey Bewkes, Chairman & CEO ~ Time Warner, Inc.

Paul Cappuccio, Sr. EVP & GC ~ Time Warner, Inc.
John K. Martin, Jr. EVP & CFO ~ Time Warner, Inc.
Tim Armstrong, Chairman & CEO ~ AOL, Inc.

Ira Parker, General Counsel ~ AOL, Inc.
Artie Minson, CFO ~ AOL Inc.
James Turley, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer ~ Ernst & Young Global Limited.

For your convenience and ease, I have also attached the Series of recent communications with Wayne Smith at WB Entertainment Inc which also include LINKS to Internal Documents and Communications in the matters dating back to early 2000 or more.

Please call me and send a written confirmation that you have received all of the Documents, including the attached 59 page Adobe pdf file letter herein and the 3 page Adobe pdf file signed copy of this email at 561-245-8588 and also to confirm that you have promptly delivered these matters to the Offices of Mr. Armstrong, Parker and Minson and all others requested herein.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Eliot I. Bernstein "

Source of Post addressing this Very Urgent Matter that will cost AOL - Time Warner Inc. and Warner Bros. Shareholders Billions of Dollars.

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