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Dell to Settle Intel Claims - what a Crock - Does the SEC Favor Intel or What .. and WHY? Paul Otellini is Hiding a Trillion Dollar Shareholder FRAUD.

Who is Intel Corp Paying over there at the SEC... a "George Demos" type that will rat out Whistleblowers - I mean come on Intel Corp. has known of a Multi-Trillion Dollar Shareholder Fraud in the Iviewit Stolen Technology Case for Over a Decade, what Does the SEC say about this?

Oh it seems that the Iviewit Stolen Technology is a "pending investigation" - I Say BULL... this DELL thing comes up and is looked into - it is Headline News.. the MPEG LA patent infringement accusations .. that is in the news.. Why is Eliot Bernstein and iViewit not Main Stream Breaking News every single day, as it will COST shareholders Trillions..

This is Fact and Easily Proven - YET Ignored, or it seems that way to me.

and Now DELL is working with the SEC to 'resolve allegations" ???

What Does this Really mean?
Does this mean DELL and Intel Corp. (Paul Otellini) are negotiating some back alley pay off to those corrupt SEC investigators... You know the ones like George Demos was, the Ones that Favor Corrupt Law Firms like Proskauer Rose, Foley and Lardner and Greenberg Traurig ...

So is Intel a Super Power Elite Or What?
I mean Intel Corp. ( CEO Paul Otellini) knows full well of the SEC Complaint from Eliot Bernstein - Inventor and Founder of Iviewit Technologies and yet Paul Otellin FAILS to Disclose this Blatant Fraud to Intel Corp. Shareholders and to Intel Corp Liability Carriers .. oh unless the Liability Insurance Company is in on the Trillion Dollar Scandal.. I mean if Intel Corp. can give DELL a billion dollars in a year then surely they can afford to Pay Off who ever they need to at the SEC or Insurance Companies to Stay Silent about Eliot Bernstein and the Trillions of Dollars in Liabilities that the Intel Corp. Shareholders will one day pay for the Crimes and non-Disclosure of CEO Paul Otellini.. AND surely Intel Corp and Paul Otellini have Millions to Pay off Patent Attorneys, MPEG LA, Judges, and Clerks to Cover Up their Crime Right.. ???

The SEC seems to me to be doing Nothing about Flat Out Theft of an Intellectual Property that we all use and have for many, many years. The SEC seems to be doing nothing about Massive Shareholder Fraud when they Certainly have Known about the Iviewit Technologies Stolen Patent - there is Prove on Top of Proof of This..

What Does Mary Schapiro, Head of the SEC have to Say about all of this ? Well there is Proof She Knows.. so I guess Mary Schapiro is taking the Path of "Silent Fraud" ...

here is the Michael Dell - Paul Otellini - Intel Corp. Article.

"" Dell said on Thursday that it was in talks with the Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve allegations that it and its founder and chief executive, Michael S. Dell, engaged in financial irregularities related to the company’s dealings with Intel, The New York Times’s Miguel Helft reported.

The company said that any settlement would not bar Mr. Dell’s service as an officer and director of a public company, and would be made without admitting or denying the agency’s allegations.

The disclosure that the S.E.C. has been investigating aspects of the relationship between the two companies is new, as is its focus on Mr. Dell. A person briefed on the case, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is confidential, told The Times that the S.E.C.’s allegations related to how Dell accounted for payments and rebates that it had received from Intel. The allegations are not criminal.

Dell also said that it had set aside $100 million for a possible settlement of these allegations, as well a separate long-standing investigation by the S.E.C. into its accounting practices. That investigation, which began in 2005 and became formal in 2006, has already led to admissions of misconduct by Dell and prompted the computer maker to restate financial results from 2003 to the first quarter of 2007.

“We are hopeful that these settlement discussions will achieve a comprehensive resolution in the near future,” Sam Nunn, director of Dell’s board said in a news release and a former United States senator. As to Mr. Dell’s standing with the board’s independent directors. Mr. Nunn said, “He continues to have our complete confidence and support.”

The relationship between Dell and Intel had already come under scrutiny in an antitrust lawsuit filed in November by Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York attorney general, against Intel.

In that suit, Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, was accused of using rebates and co-marketing arrangements as bribes to persuade Dell and other manufacturers to use its products in computers and servers rather than switching to lower-cost chips from its rival, Advanced Micro Devices.

Intel has denied the allegations.

Intel declined to comment.

Dell declined to comment beyond its news release.

A spokesman for the S.E.C., John Nester, also declined to comment.

The company said that Mr. Dell’s settlement with the S.E.C. would relate to the “company’s disclosures and alleged omissions” and “would involve alleged violations of negligence-based fraud provisions of the federal securities laws, as well as other nonfraud-based provisions.”

Dell also said that it would record a $100 million liability for the settlement of its long-standing accounting problems. As a result, it will reduce its net income in the first quarter of fiscal 2011 by the same amount, or 5 cents a share.

Dell’s shares dropped about 2 percent in after-hours trading following the company’s disclosure. But analysts said the news of a possible settlement should be seen as positive by investors. Since Dell’s troubles with the S.E.C. began in 2005, the company stock has lost about two-thirds of its value.

“We didn’t know much about the S.E.C. investigation,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst with the research firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. “I view this as good news. Uncertainty has been taken off the table, and a $100 million fine is nothing for investors.” Dell had nearly $11 billion in cash and short-term investments as of April 30.

Mr. Cuomo’s lawsuit against Intel revealed e-mail messages between Mr. Dell and Paul S. Otellini, the chief executive of Intel, in which Mr. Dell complained of losing business to rivals using A.M.D. chips.

In those conversations, Mr. Otellini reminded Mr. Dell that Intel had paid Dell more than $1 billion in the last year and said that was “more than sufficient to compensate for the competitive issues.”

According to the suit, Dell delayed buying chips from A.M.D. and Mr. Otellini later wrote an e-mail message to a colleague describing Dell as “the best friend money can buy.” ""

Source of Post

""condition of anonymity"" - That is SO Funny as if the SEC gives a Hoot about keeping Whistleblower Tipsters Anonymous. It is More like the SEC will do what they want .. when they want regardless of who they hurt and the SEC will ignore the Rights of Some while they Protect and Uphold the Rights of Others, My Guess .. this is is Based on Who pays who off.

"confidential investigation" - what a Crock - this Cannot be TRUE.. not even a little.. all these Attorneys, CEO's, Investigators, SEC Officials .. Judges.. DOJ investigators .. well they Know Each other and they know just what button to push or person to pay to get their way.. and the TRUTH.. the Laws of the United States Are Simply Irrelevant.. Proven Over and Over again as Each New Judge, Attorney, Investigator, Court, USPTO Officer and Official Denies and Ignores a Massive Shareholder Fraud as in the Iviewit Stolen Patent Case that is Now over a Decade Old, and has Been Constantly Proven Valid.. document after Document..

If Michael DELL set aside a $100 million dollars to "settle" .. well then Michael Dell must have known that DELL was doing something ILLEGALLY right?

Guilty - GUILTY - Guilty.

And this Illegal Activity between Michael Dell and Intel Corp. - Paul Otellini WELL it must have Paid in the Billions and a little ol' hundred million dollar slap on the wrist is certainly well worth it.. and are these HUNDRED Million Dollar FINES that these Big time Company Owners - these High Tech CEO's set aside.. are they "Tax Deductible"??? Hmm.. and don't they Shareholders of Dell of Intel Corp. Actually end up paying for this Corruption, Dirty Deals, Anti-Trust Violations and Flat Out Patent Theft as in the Case of the Iviewit Stolen Technology.

Oh Well.. as Long as guys Like Michael Dell of DELL Computers and Guys like Paul Otellini - CEO of Intel Corp. are not footing the Bill or Paying the Price ... well it is Win - Win for them Right??? They do the Crime and Shareholders do the Time.. pay the Price.. Oh Well.

So Intel Paid DELL more then a Billion Dollars Last Year? Hmm. .that is a lot of Your Money Shareholders.. and yet Intel Corp. continues to hide the Trillion Dollar Liability of the Iviewit Stolen Technology and the involvement of Intel Corp. in this Multi-Trillion Dollar Lawsuit. Who at the SEC is Helping Intel Corp. to Cover Up a Multi-Trillion Dollar Liability such as the One that Eliot Bernstein - Iviewit Technologies Brings to the Table?

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