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Judicial Corruption in the Florida Supreme Court. Bill A. Corbin and the Abuse of Power in the Florida Judicial Process.

Judicial Officials Within the State of Florida Charged with Corruption

Bill A. Corbin disbarred by the Florida Attorney Fraternity.

STOP Judicial Corruption and Judges Being Above the Law.

" The story of former attorney Bill A. Corbin, unlawfully stripped of his law license in 1998, is one that needs to be heard by all Americans.

To see a brief summary of the horrors he and his family have suffered, click "OVERVIEW"... then hear Mr. Corbin's incredible story in his own words by watching a short four-minute YouTube video that he created.

For over ten years he has been continuously fighting for his constitutional right to a day in court to correct the injustices done to him. Judges have systematically and illegally denied Corbin any opportunity to face his accusers in open court. He is determined to clear his name whatever it takes. "

"The Florida Supreme Court, The Florida Bar, along with Bay County judge Judy Pittman, Calhoun County judges Hentz McClellan and Kevin Grover, Jackson County attorneys Frank Baker, Elizabeth Simpson, Thayer "Peck" Marts, Guy Green, Jerry Little, Matt Fuqua, Frank Bondurant, plus Regions Bank, Larry Gilley and Jack Brown from Jackson County are named as defendants in a multi-million dollar corruption lawsuit filed by former Calhoun County attorney Bill A. Corbin of Panama City.

Main charges in the lawsuit are:

Racketeering - Obstruction of Justice - Abuse of Power
Denial of Due Process - Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights

A Story of Judicial Tyranny in the USA

"Over 3,300 pages have been filed in Corbin's case over 10 years, but all judges have refused to give him a day in court!

Governor Charlie Crist and Attorney General Bill McCollum are aware of this fact, yet have never investigated it! Concerned citizens should ask: WHY NOT?

Executive Office of the Governor - Switchboard: (850) 488-7146
Office of the Attorney General - Switchboard: (850) 414-3300 "

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No More US Judges Above the LAW.
Judges Should Have to Obey the Law.

" The following Florida judges and justices/former justices contend in Corbin's lawsuit against them that they are above the law, that they are not accountable or liable for their illegal actions against him and his family, or any other citizen, and as long as they wear their black robes that they are "clothed with absolute immunity" and therefore are untouchable:

Harry Lee Anstead, Supreme Court Justice
Kenneth Bradley Bell, Supreme Court Justice

Raoul G. Cantero, III, Supreme Court Justice
Nancy T. Gilliam, former Circuit Judge
Stephen H. Grimes, former Supreme Court Justice

James Kevin Grover, Calhoun County Judge
Major Best Harding, former Supreme Court Justice
Gerald Kogan, former Supreme Court Justice
Richard Fred Lewis, Supreme Court Justice

Harry Hentz McClellan, Chief Circuit Judge, 14th Judicial Circuit
Ben F. Overton, former Supreme Court Justice
Barbara Jane Pariente, Supreme Court Justice
Judy Markham Pittman, Circuit Judge

Peggy Ann Quince, Supreme Court Justice
Leander J. Shaw, former Supreme Court Justice
Joseph Quincy Tarbuck, Circuit Judge
Charles Talley Wells, Supreme Court Justice

In addition, as employees of the Florida Bar, an arm of the Florida Supreme Court, the following also contend they are not accountable or liable for their illegal and unethical actions against Corbin and his family, or any other citizen:

John F. Harkness, Jr., Bar Executive Director
John Anthony Boggs, Bar attorney
John Thomas Berry, Bar attorney

Luain Thrall Hensel, former Bar attorney
Edward Iturralde, former Bar attorney
Olivia Paiva Klein, Bar attorney
James Franklin Wells, Bar auditor "

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"A nineteen-count lawsuit has been filed by former attorney Bill A. Corbin against the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court for damages of more than $100 million.

The lawsuit claims that corrupt judicial officials are involved in a massive cover-up to abuse power and obstruct justice, that when revealed, could rock the foundation of the U.S. judicial system.

Presented is documented evidence that a well-orchestrated conspiracy involving local, state and federal judges has maliciously denied former attorney Corbin access to the courtroom for over ten years.

Main Charges of the Lawsuit:

· Racketeering
· Obstruction of Justice
· Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights
· Denial of Due Process

· Abuse of Process
· Abuse of Power
· Malicious Prosecution
· Illegal Confiscation of Property

In the lawsuit, Corbin alleges that the Florida Bar, assisted by the Florida Supreme Court, falsely accused him in 1998 of stealing clients' trust funds. Then, without lawfully required investigation, evidence, witness, complaint by anyone, or a hearing of any kind, his law license was summarily stripped, based only on unsworn false paper charges despite his sworn denial of the charges two days after their filing.

He says no evidence of any kind ever proved the serious charges, including no witnesses. He has never had his day in court.

After losing his good name, reputation, marriage, career, home, offices, and most other assets, plus the shame and humiliation of becoming a pauper, Corbin is adamant about getting the whole truth out in the open.

“The Bar has since admitted false charges were filed, yet I was illegally disbarred with no reason given,’ Corbin says, "and, other than a recently-discovered conspiracy of disgruntled lawyers, I still don’t know why this happened, but I have fought it since the beginning and I now hope to finally tell my side of the story to a jury in open court.”

Without lawfully required investigation, witness, or evidence, on April 13, 1998, at the urging of some conspiring disgruntled lawyers who lost a suit Corbin had won, but sought revenge for their loss and bragged that they had connections with the Florida Bar and could get him back by having his license taken, the Bar falsely charged Corbin with stealing clients' trust funds.

Rather than evidence, the charges were based only on bookkeeping ledger cards, the bar admitting knowing they were incomplete and other documents could show the truth, but, incredibly, contended they had "absolutely no duty" to learn the truth before filing their false charges and taking his license.

2. Based only on unsworn false paper charges, without a court hearing, trial, witness, or evidence, and regardless of Corbin's sworn denial of the charges two days after the Bar filing, begging that no action take place that would harm his family, on April 22, 1998 his license was summarily suspended and all funds in his trust account plus unlimited earned fees that might be indefinitely collected later were frozen.

Only $5500 of $26,000 in the account belonged to clients; another $18,000 was collected during the prosecution but frozen and unavailable for family support.

3. While his license was "temporarily" suspended [for over three years], two trials of the charges were held, during which Corbin repeatedly asked who he had supposedly stolen from and how much, but no would or could answer him.

He learned during the case that sloppy bookkeeping had occurred in his office, but no evidence of stealing was ever shown.

During the trials, the Bar admitted false charges were filed, but regardless, no retraction was made to clear Corbin's name and he was disbarred, no reason given, and still unknown.

4. Destroyed in every way, including losses of good name, reputation, marriage, career, home, offices, and most other assets, plus the shame and humiliation of becoming a pauper, Corbin appealed the Bar's actions, asking the Florida Supreme Court, based on its past decisions, to correct the injustices occurring since 1996, but the requests fell on deaf ears. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the case.

5. Though essentially destroyed and unemployed since April 22, 1998 and now drawing Social Security, Corbin continues trying to clear his name and right the wrongs that have so severely affected him, his family, friends, and former clients.

His lawsuit to obtain justice names the Florida Governor, Attorney General, Supreme Court, Florida Bar, and others.

After ten years of devastation and professional and personal limbo, Corbin continues looking forward to his first day in court and the verdict of an impartial jury after the whole truth is made known.

YouTube Video :
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