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Saul Cohen - Proskauer Rose - Lehman Brothers - Neuberger Berman - Iviewit Technologies and the Wall of Corruption in the Proskauer Rose Fraternity.

There for a While Proskauer Rose was seemingly obsessed with my writings on Neuberger Berman and Lehman Brothers and I could not understand the connection or concern, I thought that Proskauer Rose had something to do with the Money changing hands with Neuberger Berman and not just in the representation of that sale as I had wrote on that and started some sort of scuffle with Neuberger Berman's PR guy Richard Chimberg. .. I felt like there was a lot more secrets and billions stashed on that deal..

And I wondered what side deals, pay offs - favors owed that Proskauer Rose had within Neuberger Berman ... meaning within Lehman Brothers

Today someone search my sites for "Saul Cohen Proskauer" and there was a little more clarity for me.. as Saul Cohen was General Counsel at Lehman Brothers and Saul Cohen Was a Partner at Proskauer Rose, talk about your convenient connections.. so now what did Lehman Brothers have to do with Enron - Proskauer and Billions of Shareholder Loss there.. ??

Oh sorry a Tangent.. ok well Saul Cohen seems to have brought some serious inside connections and certainly Saul Cohen must have the Goods on Just about all of those involved in the Trillion Dollar Iviewit Patent Theft as well as all the High Finance companies that benefited from the iViewit Technology Theft...

Here are Some Quote from the Internet on Saul Cohen

""SAUL S. COHEN, retired as head of the securities regulatory group of Proskauer Rose LLP.Mr. Cohen, spent half of a lengthy legal career in law practice and half as General Counsel of brokerage firms, including Lehman Brothers, Drexel Burnham Lambert and A.G. Edwards and Sons.

A former Professor at Fordham Law School, he has testified five times before Congress and written and lectured widely on securities topics.

Mr. Cohen is non-executive chairman of Maxim LLC, the holding company of a regional brokerage.

He also serves as President of the Rudolph W. Giuliani Center for Urban Leadership and is a former trustee of the Museum of Modern Art. ""

Hmm now there is some High Profile connections that would protect ya.. and certainly find you with the ability to cover up Trillion Dollar Technology Thefts.

A Professor at a Law School.. WoW must know lots of Lawyers in the Attorney Fraternity to Protect anyone he wants.. Connection to Rudy Giuliani .. My .. MY..

Connections to Maxim LLC, Lehman Brothers, Drexel Burnham Lambert and A.G. Edwards and Sons ?? Now wasn't some of these folks named in a Multi-Trillion Dollar Lawsuit, SEC Complaint, Massive Shareholder Fraud and Federal RICO Lawsuit over the Blatant and Obvious theft of the Iviewit Technologies over a Decade Ago ??

""After the 1998 trading problems, coupled with the subsequent Securities and Exchange Commission settlement, the exchange "made tremendous efforts to keep looking at the floor," said Saul Cohen, a securities lawyer at Proskauer Rose LLP, which handles unrelated legal work for the exchange. ""

So Saul Cohen was a Securities Lawyer at Proskauer Rose LLP - Now Talk about Convenient. So Saul Cohen had connection at the SEC that may have helped Proskauer Rose to HIDE a Trillion Dollar Patent Heist and all the secrets of who has been making Billions from the Iviewit Stolen Technology for over a Decade now..

More Quotes.. Gee it looks like Saul Cohen has been controlling.. well at least to some degree people in high places for quite some time, just imagine the Money that Saul Cohen has MADE for the Corrupt Law Firm Proskauer Rose and Imagine the kinds of Favors that Saul Cohen could give to Proskauer Rose ... and what strings the Saul Cohen Could pull..

""Compliance Reporter -Published on: 9/10/2004 The SEC is "over the top" with its latest inquiry of exchange funds, said Saul Cohen, partner at Proskauer Rose in New York. Cohen said exchange fund transactions have been used for at least three decades and he's never seen an instance where they were used to hide information from investors."They are a simple diversification concept. Nobody's interested in screwing the public," Cohen said. ""

Wouldn't it be nice to have an In at the SEC for "Compliance" for "Favors" - and to simply "Suggest" things like a Trillion Dollar Patent Theft Simply be Overlooked.. ???

Lehman Brothers, Neuberger Berman - well they certainly need this right? I mean why in the world was Lehman Brothers scouring my cites for Peter Sivere information ? Why was Lehman Brothers googling Crystal Cox Compliance Officer, and Crystal Cox Investigations.. What in the World has Lehman Brothers so Spooked and why was Proskauer Rose LLP servers looking at the same things at the same time ?

I mean surely Proskauer Rose Knows they have Broke the Law and Violated SEC Regulations BIGTIME with the iViewit Stolen Technology Scandal they keep wanting to hide, and Proskauer Rose does hang on my every word as I can see them reading my sites.. thing is why was . .IS Proskauer Rose spooked at what I right on Lehman Brothers? All things to make you say Hmmmm..

Funny Saul Cohen saying the SEC is over the Top on Exchange Funds Inquiries .. that is too much.. we can't have the SEC actually doing their job and Protecting the Public now can we?

Oh and Saul Cohen says he has never seen an instance that this form of "hiding" was used to hurt the public.. hmmm.. well then I guess it never happened.. AND Saul Cohen says "no one is interested in screwing the public" ??????? Say What, Proskauer Rose certainly is.. Proskauer Rose Collapsed Enron and is responsible for Trillions in Shareholder Fraud with the Iviewit Stolen Patent.. and well is Saul Cohen and the Cronies at the SEC in on this?? uh.. Yeah.. I think So..

Source of Quotes Above

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What About the Connections with Judge Marian Shelton and Saul Cohen? Does this Raise Any Eyebrows ? Well Here are some Links on that One.. Now of Course you Know that Judge Shelton is Saul Cohen's Wife.. Right ???

"Judge Marian Shelton cuts deal to leave bench
Sep 28, 2007 ... Her husband, wealthy former Proskauer Rose lawyer Saul Cohen, paid for full-page newspaper ads that hammered the commission. Shelton .. " This 2007 article seems gone...

Much More on Saul Cohen and the Conflicts of Interest, Culture of Corruption, Wall of Corruption, Cover Ups and Dirty Deals that Saul Cohen May have been involved in at Proskauer Rose Law Firm.. anyone got a Tip on Saul Cohen or Judge Marian Shelton ? Email me at ....

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