Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Never Needed Oil or Gas. The Technology has Always been Kept from Us. Why don't YOU have a Searl Generator?

If you Read the information On Tesla - You see that Money, Control and Greed shut him down.. it was the Rockefellers and the JP Morgans.. just as today.. Tesla Drove a Magnetic Car and We never - EVER needed Gas - Oil or Electricity as we know it...

We should be able to travel in our Tesla Type vehicles for Free and go great distances VERY quickly. Study more about the Magnetic Motor, About Tesla technlogy - About Tesla's Propulsion System and understand that we DO NOT need Oil - Gas or Electricity as we know it.. we do not need the Huge Electric Companies harnessing our Natural Resources and Selling it back to us.

Wouldn't it be Ironic if there were craft from space hidden by Your Government, and not to kepe you in the dark on other life forms - but instead to keep you from the Technology that would Free you from Working, and would Free you to actually be a Free Society.. I fully Believe that Mass amounts of technology is hidden from you.. Learn all you Can.. It is Your Right..

You pay taxes, you work all the time, this is your land .. you are steward of this land and yet they Control Your Natural Resources and put you in debt to use it.. This is not fair..

a note on Windmills.. they would be usefull if you each had one.. yet instead foreign companies force - threaten imminent domain and ruin our landscape to harness our wind and sell it back to us through their wires..

And to keep this Money Mill going they
Suppress Inventions, Jail and even Kill Inventors.

All of us Should have had a Searl Generator Long Ago. John Searl was Jailed to keep the Searl Generator from you. His Searl Generator was Stolen by Your Goverment it would seem.. Why? All to keep you in the Dark, in the Work Force, and buying something you already should own - Free Energy.

Find Out More about John Searl at the Links Below.

Find out MORE Folks - Your Media has you in the Dark to protect the Money - Power and Control of the Elite, this is all so Obvious to most of you know but you don't know what to do next... Well Start with Knowledge...