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Christopher Wheeler, Corrupt Boca Raton Attorney on Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board.

Christopher Wheeler, Former Proskauer Rose Attorney is a Board member of the
Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board. This Way Christopher Wheeler can Steal Money, Funnel Money, Make Connections and well Cover Up a Multitude of Crimes.

Does the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board not Remember the Red Corvette Scandal at FAU. Does the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board not remember Brian Utley?

Is the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board of FAU aware of Christopher Wheelers Felony DUI ? Christopher Wheeler almost killed a man, Christopher Wheeler Was DRUNK - the Corrupt Attorneys, Judges.. Cops and Ethics Board ALL let him off.. this is NOT what would have happened to YOU..

Christopher Wheeler, I am told Paid off Judges, pulled in Favors and PAID of the Guy he almost killed to keep him quiet... and well the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board does not seem to mind.. Do you KNOW Why? I suspect it is because Christopher Wheeler and Brian Utley were involved in massive MONEY to FAU.

THE Florida Atlantic University had many meetings with Christopher Wheeler and With Brian Utley at the Time that Christopher Wheeler, Proskauer Rose LLP STOLE the Iviewit Technologies Inventions. The Inventors have NEVER got any compensation of justice of any kind.. only Threats... the Florida Atlantic University tech Department was connected with Brian Utley and With Christopher Wheeler and sources say that the Florida Atlantic University beneffited financially in a MAJOR way due to these STOLEN Technologies.. so maybe now they have to let the Corrupt Chris Wheeler back on the BOARD.. sure Looks good for Chris Wheeler when your in a CUSTODY battle . .paying off corrupt judges to STEAL your Grandkids and SET UP their Mother..

The Article Linked Below says that Chris Wheeler is Retired from Proskauer ROSE LLP... that is Bull.. Christopher Wheeler, FAU Foundation Board Member was run out of Proskauer Rose to assist them in Hiding the TRILLION Dollar Iviewit Technology Theft that Christopher Wheeler was involved in.. there are 1200 Documents of Proof at www.Iveiwit.TV - it is not Speculation. if you Can Read.

The Wall of Corruption in Florida is so bad that there seems to be a public uprising... special Florida Grand Jury Session.. Attempted Murder NOT Investigated Connected to Christopher Wheeler... all this is Proven and the FAU Foundation seems to simply overlook it all .. why? Could it be the Corrupt Money that the FAU Foundation - Florida got from Brian Utley and Chris Wheeler ?

The Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board in Boca Raton — recently held its annual meeting and the election of FAU Foundation officers. Michael Kaufman was re-elected to the position of chair of the FAU Foundation.

So what Does Michael Kaufman think of Chris Wheeler? I mean come on Chris Wheeler Gets Drunk, almost Kills a guy and then Gets the corrupt Boca Raton, Florida Judges to let him off...

What kind of a Scam is BOCA RATON — Michael Kaufman and the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board Running ?

They knowingly embrace Chris Wheeler though he is an Alcoholic that almost Killed a Man and then .. well rumor has it paid of a Judge.. and Well Christopher Wheeler, then Proskauer Rose LLP Attorney - PAID off the Victim of that Car Crash. Chris Wheeler is a Predator and a Criminal.

So What Does Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board in Boca Raton - Foundation’s Returning Executive Committee members Randy Justice, vice chair; Bruce Allen, treasurer and Cecelia James, secretary think of the Crimes of Christopher Wheeler?.

What Does Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board in Boca Raton - Foundation’s NEW Executive Committee members William Bernstein, Marleen Forkas, and Ira Gelb think of Christopher Wheeler's Corruption?

What does Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board in Boca Raton three new ex-officio members — Ayden Maher, Jim Seitz and Thomas Workman think about the Blatant Crimes of Christopher Wheeler and his ability to manipuate local courts, the Florida Supreme Court and District Court.. into Giving Him "Special Favors" even though Chris Wheeler Continues to DRINK a whole lot.. continues to Drink and Drive.. Paid of the Victim of his DUI Crash.. and well is a Criminal.... Yet Protected by the Florida Bar Ethics Committee because Chris Wheeler, then Proskauer Rose LLP Attorney - Cronie had been on that very Ethics committee.. he let many DEEDs go.. and so . was Owed BIGTIME..

the Truth Remains the Truth on the Corrupt
Proskauer Rose Attorney Christopher Wheeler.

So a bit more on Michael Kaufman.

Michael Kaufman joined the FAU Foundation Board in 2006.

Michael Kaufman heads "Kaufman Lynn General Contractors and is a member of several construction industry associations. His projects include new construction and renovation of K-12 schools, university projects, museums, municipal buildings, office buildings, hospitals and auto dealerships. " To me this says.. Favors.. says that Michael Kaufman gets favors... jobs at say "Hospitals" - "Schools" associated with the Corrupt Chris Wheeler and with the FAU.

"Kaufman’s is a board member of the Boca Raton Centre for the Arts and the Tri County Humane Society, a member of the Capital Campaign and North Campus Development Committee of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, and he participates in and supports the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Florence Fuller Child Development Center, among many others. " to Me this says Michael Kaufman has all kinds of "Connections" so hmmm surely Michael Kaufman knows how CORRUPT Christopher Wheeler Is.

the Full of Shit Michael Kaufman has THIS gem to Say:

“Our new members and ex-officio members come to the board after a comprehensive recruiting and vetting process,” said Kaufman. “We are very fortunate to have such a slate of seasoned regional fundraisers — all veterans of the non-profit sector. Their combined experience and dedication to this institution and its students will most certainly advance the mission of Florida Atlantic University and the FAU Foundation.”

BULLSHIT, not one bit of "Vetting" was Done..

Christopher Wheeler is on this Board. It is Easily GOOGLED .. some 1200 documents of Proof that Christopher Wheeler was involved in a Trillion Dollar Patent Theft and Attempted Murder of the Iviewit Inventors.

Christopher Wheeler's BAD deeds are easily "vetted" ... look at the Boca Airport thing.. the Red Corvette.. the DUI.. the Corruption. and "vetting" took place.. What a Crock !!!

Christopher Wheeler's DUI is easily researched, many know of Christopher Wheeler PAYING off the Victim of His DUI Crash. .and Many Suspect the Pay Off of Local Judges to get Christopher Wheeler off Easy on that FELONY DUI .. magically turned misdemeanor .. almost homicide..

Christopher Wheeler Drinks way to much to this day and Christopher Wheeler Drives DRUNK .. Not only does Pompass Ass Christopher Wheeler Drink and Drive... he Drinks and Drives His Grandkids around.. in Which Christopher Wheeler Esq. - Aka Christopher Wheeler Sr. pretty much KIDNAPPED his Grandkids. Christopher Wheeler, Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board member is protected by the Florida Corruption Ring of Attorneys, Judges, District Courts and add to that Social Workers and those that are SUPPOSE to protect Children.. Not when Proskauer Rose is involved, I don't care if Christopher Wheeler was Secretly FIRED from Proskauer ROSE or not.. he still has those Corrupt Proskauer Rose connections and he knows so much on so many that he gets what he wants.. REGARDLESS of what is best for his Grandchildren.

See Christopher Wheeler has FUNDED a Corrupt Scam to TAKE his grandchildren from their MOTHER, to make her look crazy.. to set her up. . So he can Get Drunk and Drive his Grandkids around and the Florida Police, Florida Courts.. Florida Judges they don't dare mess with the Absolutely WELL connected Christopher Wheeler FORMERLY of Proskauer Rose LLP.

So these Innocent Children SUFFER and are kept from their MOTHER ... what does the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board think of this or did it COME UP in the FEEBLE and well NOT Happened actually .. "Vetting Process" of the Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board ???

The Corruption in Florida has now made "Collateral Damage" of innocent Children in regard to the Favors Owed and Ass Kissing of the Corrupt Attorney Christopher Wheeler. And no Judge, Attorney, Ethics Committee, Senator, Police, Investigator, the Governor... NO One Will Stand up for a Mother's Right... for an Inventor's Rights over the Might.. Corrupt - Formerly Proskauer Rose Attorney Chris Wheeler.

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Got a Tip on Christopher Wheeler and the Boca Raton Community Hospital ?

The Florida Atlantic University Foundation Board news says this..

"Christopher Wheeler, having previously served for 10 years, returns to the Foundation Board after a two-year absence. He is a retired partner in the firm of Proskauer Rose LLP. With wife, Deanna, Wheeler attends many FAU functions, including University Club events. His philanthropic interests include Pine Crest School, Ronald McDonald Charities, Lynn University and Boca Raton Community Hospital. "

Folks Chris Wheeler was involved in scandals.. that was why he left.. he is corrupt. .Don't believe ME .. look at Court Documents, at Evidence.. PROOF.. oh and the University Events he and wifey attend.. well that is where he got smashed and drove home. .almost killed a guy then BOUGHT SILENCE....

Christopher Wheeler was NOT Retired from
the Corrupt Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

Christopher Wheeler was asked to Leave.. and Left in what looked like retired.. funny how the dirty .. Deadly DUI and the cut my wife's hair when i am drunk and other sick stuff is what Proskaeur Rose LLP did not want associated with .. YET for over a Decade the Boys on top at Proskauer Rose Law Firm had no issue with Christopher Wheeler involved with the Attempted Murder of Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, his wife and young children.. NOPE no problem with that or with Stealing a Trillion Dollar Technology..

What Do we Know about "James L. Seitz is a retired senior level executive who most recently was president of J.L. Seitz & Associates.

His company specialized in developing and implementing business strategies that create value and profitable growth. From 1993 – 1996, Seitz was chairman of the board in IBM’s Technology Services Solutions company.

Also during that time, he was general manager of Availability Services with IBM North America. Seitz was affiliated with IBM for 28 years. ..."

So what Favors did Corrupt Proskauer Rose Attorney Christopher Wheeler do for James Seitz - IBM...???? hmmm.. maybe a connection to a TRILLION Dollar Stolen Technology..

Got a Tip on James Seitz - Christopher Wheeler Connections?
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