Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Corruption Cases Really Being Pursued? Ummm NO.. not even Close.. Curtis Lu - Time Warner Inc. KNOWS alot about Corruption, I Guarantee IT !!

And IF Corruption was REALLY being Taken Serious.. Ha.. Ha.. hold on . .have to ROLL on the floor and laugh .. oh anyway IF "As prosecutors in the U.S. and other countries gain more authority to pursue corruption cases " as in the article I will link below. .well if THIS was anywhere near True and Well it is NOT..

"" The trend is causing concerns about international “double jeopardy” on anti-corruption cases to rise. “That’s the fear I see coming out of companies,” s aid Curtis Lu, deputy general counsel at Time Warner Inc., who appeared on a panel on the subject at a Washington, D.C., compliance conference in May .""

So Funny, Like Curtis Lu Time Warner Inc., FEELS any Fear. There is NO WAY that Curtis Lu Time Warner Inc., or Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes FEEL any Fear for Any Reason. As Curtis Lu, Jeffrey Bewkes - Time Warner Inc. owns Court Decisions, Controls Juries, Controls Judges

There is NO way to Keep a Multi-Trillion dollar Secret for over a Decade from Shareholders.. from "the Board" - and Keep from Indictments, Massive Fines, and Jail Time ... UNLESS you have Corrupt Connections in the SEC, in the DOJ, in the FBI, in the District and Federal Courts, in the Supreme Courts in Multiple States, Connections to State Ethics Committees and International "Corrupt" Connections..

the Iviewit Technology is USED globally. Time Warner Inc. KNOWS that they signed agreements with the Iviewit Inventors over a Decade ago and Time Warner Inc. - Curtis Lu - Jeffrey Bewkes KNOWS without a Doubt that they NEVER honored these agreements with the Intellectual Property OWNERS and Inventors of the Iviewit Technology Company and Jeffrey Bewkes - CEO of Time Warner Inc. As well as the Corrupt General Counsel of Time Warner Inc. Curtis Lu ... KNOW that TIME Warner has made HUNDREDS of Billions of Dollars from this Technology.

And Curtis Lu, Jeffrey Bewkes - Time Warner Inc. knows that the "Authorities" will do nothing about it... as there is over 1200 documents of proof at www.Iviewit.TV and the Courts, the Investigators, the "Authorities" ignore it ALL.. including attempting to MURDER the Inventors.. and So therefor IN MY OPINION Curtis Lu, Jeffrey Bewkes - Time Warner Inc. FEAR nothing. .as they know they Can do whatever they like and even in the face ow Without a Doubt Proof THEY will Get "Off the Hook" ...

oh and SHOULD that day come when Curtis Lu, Jeffrey Bewkes - Time Warner Inc. are held responsible for their Illegal and PROVEN Fraudulent activities.. OH Well. the Time Warner Inc., AOL, Warner Bros. Shareholders will take the HIT and not Curtis Lu or Jeffrey Bewkes even though they have Knowledge of this Massive Shareholder Fraud, and that is Easily PROVEN to anyone who Can READ !!!

So this Joke of a Panel Discussion on the "topic" in Washington, D.C. in May.. Well Smoke and Mirrors Folks.. Illusions. .and Flat Out Lies...

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