Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bankruptcy is VERY Big Business for the Bad Guys and there is NO One Truly Policing the Bankruptcy Courts.

The Model of Corruption in the Bankruptcy Courts is Pretty Much the Same from the $30,000 Bankruptcy to the 5 Billion Dollar Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Corruption is a "Standard of Practice" in which the Department Of Justice Turns a Blind Eye To, The Courts Seem to Be Easily bought off, the Attorneys in the Bankruptcy Corruption games KNOW it well.. and the FBI Says they don't know bankruptcy laws.. So it is Basically a Free For ALL with YOUR Money Once a Company Goes Bankrupt.

So Time to Expose ALL the Players in the Bankruptcy Courts. Maybe Time for a Class Action Lawsuit against the Department of Justice For Failing to Investigate Bankruptcy Fraud .. Even Though it is Blatant, Proven AND Obvious and in the Millions.

I have Called the FBI on Mortgage Fraud and On other Internet Fraud.. Under $25,000 and well for houses around $160,000 and the FBI tells me nothing they can do til it is over $250,00 or more. .Yet the Bankruptcy Courts Raid the Public for Way more then That ..EVERY Single Day and the FBI Claims to Not have ANYONE that Gets the US Bankruptcy Codes? Are you Kidding...

The Tom Petters Fraud is Billions and it is Easily Proven yet the Corrupt Players - Paul Traub, Douglas Kelley, Tom Petters and More get a Free For All.. the Dept. of Justice DOES nothing, the FBI does Nothing.. Is there anyone that can really make those overseeing bankruptcy assets supposedly on Behalf of the Creditors actually do there job.

Often in Cases such as the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy out of Bend Oregon which affected multiple states and well was massive to the creditors... real people .. real lives ruined. .and once the Corrupt Bankruptcy Courts Seized the Assets well Taking Those Assets for the Creditors was NEVER the Plan, it was ALWAYS about positioning the Right Team for a Major Wall of Corruption.

This kind of Corrupt Often times would Financially Benefit the Judge, the DOJ Trustee, the Local Governing Body - DA - and others in the community of a particular bankruptcy.. and well when it is big like the Summit 1031 Bankruptcy and the Tom Petters Fraud ... well the Money is Worth Ruining Lifes... it is a pile of gold that is FREE .. is irresistable and well STEALING it Blatantly in Broad Daylight Seems to Have No Consequences. So Why Not?

NO One is Looking...

And if there is Objection to the Fees that the Corrupt Bankruptcy Courts Or the Corrupt Attorneys Charge or if you Make "any" noise at all as a Bankruptcy Whistleblower / An Insider - Well they RUIN your Life.. they Set You Up.. the Lock You Up. . ..

Many Whistleblower have eMailed me about attempts at putting them in a Mental Institute to Quiet them down and well oftentimes it is such a horrible and shocking experience that the whistleblower is silenced forever. This Seems to be the Best, most Common way to Silence a Whistleblower.. for they get no Trial.. no Jury.. no Fair Treatment.. the Local Governing Body (District Court - Social Services) simply makes it happen and is Easily PAID Off.

And when there is Millions to Billions to Play with and CHARGE the Creditors. .Well Not Much you can do about it.. but Shut up .. Sit Down and Listen Up..

These Well Written, Factual and VERY Accurate Objection to the Fees are not even Considered by the Department of Justice Trustee - So There is No One Listening to those on the Inside Who See and Can Intelligently and Factually Prove THAT Massive Fraud and Corruption is Going On.

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Expose the Corruption in the Bankruptcy Courts.
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