Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bernie Cassidy - Lincoln County Montana County Attorney Deliberately Endangers Life of Online Journalist.

Bernie Cassidy - Lincoln County is Corrupt and Has No Morals about it. Bernie Cassidy DOES not Prosecute Rapes, Supports Criminal Activity and has helped cover up the sickest crimes you can imagine, Why?

To This Day I am Denied Proof of WHO Sent Me my Death Threat.

Denied By Bernie Cassidy - Lincoln County Attorney Deliberately to PROTECT the Corrupt Sheriff Anderson, Corrupt Libby Detectives, and to SHUT ME UP...

Bernie Cassidy kept Complaints about me FROM me though Bernie Cassidy knew this would endanger my Life.. Bernie Cassidy Parcipated in a Montana Hate Crime, Denying me My Rights and is Liable for what happened to Me in the last year..

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