Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Department of Justice DOES not Seem to Seek Justice and Taxpayer Pay the Bill.

Bankruptcy Corruption is Rampant in the US Bankruptcy Courts and When Bankruptcy Whistleblower - Bankruptcy Fraud Insiders Bring the TRUTH .. with "Without a Doubt Proof " to the Attention of the Bankruptcy Judge, the Department of Justice Trustee or Even the FBI, Well NONE of the "Officials" who are Legally suppose to oversee the Bankruptcy Process... actually Listen to that TRUTH .. as well if they do then the Money.. the Perks.. the Bonuses .. Well they can kiss that Goodbye..

My Guess is even if their are honest DOJ Trustees and Bankruptcy Judges.. well they would not stand a chance in the Wall of Corruption that the Bankruptcy Courts is seeing... the Money is to Good and Well YOU had BETTER not Stand in front of that Gravy Train or those on the Inside will do whatever it takes to Ruin Your Quality of Life.. Set You Up.. Jail You .. put you in a Mental Institute. .. Subject you To Economic Terrorism and Ruin your Reputation ...

Article Below on Dept. of Justice Wasteful Spending Going after the Wrong "Bad Guys".

" Politicians, Press Cheat Taxpayers By Ignoring DOJ's Wasteful Witch-hunts

By Andrew Kreig

Washington Post columnist David Broder cited New Jersey's freshman Gov. Chris Christie as a role model for Pennsylvania's Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett, who similarly boasts of a platform to limit government and fight crime.

But Broder got the Christie story completely backward in his Sept. 2 column. The influential pundit described Corbett, his state's attorney general and also a former U.S. attorney, this way:

His claim to fame is that his investigations of corrupt legislators have so far sent several of them to jail. In this race, he has modeled himself on Chris Christie, the freshman governor of New Jersey, promising, as Christie did, to oppose new taxes and shrink state government.

Far from limiting government, Christie, right, wasted vast amounts of taxpayer funds to help himself and his cronies.

Look no farther than his scheme as U.S. attorney to connive with Solomon Dwek, a big-time bank swindler and brothel operator, to crush political opponents with criminal charges timed to explode at the beginning of the 2009 Christie campaign.

The Christie-and-Dwek tale recounted below illustrates why we need more investigative reporting in politics as this year's election season heats up. Pundits seldom deign to discuss obvious dirty tricks, much less the deviltry from unwarranted criminal charges against political targets to destroy them and their families as part of an election strategy.

On Sept. 12, legal commentator Roger Shuler used evidence from this report to author on his blog Legal Schnauzer, "Stench Becomes Overwhelming in U.S. Justice System."

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