Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eliot Bernstein on Frank Brady and Court Corruption.. Are People Being Killed? And who is this ABC Guy?

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"My heroes. I know what Frank Brady aka Kevin McKeown has done to advance everyone’s causes, even those who write this nonsense on his blog about what a rat he is.

He brought Christine Anderson to a Fed Court, revealing on record corruption at the highest levels of NY politics. Her life is in danger as Frank’s too for that effort. They have notified authorities, I have seen that first hand as I testified before the NY Senate Judiciary Committee with many others who post here, to an audience that includes,

Senators: John L. Sampson, Eric Adams, John Bonacic, Neil Breslin, John DeFrancisco, Ruben Diaz, Martin Malavé Dilan, Pedro Espada Jr., Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Jeffrey Klein, Andrew Lanza, Kenneth LaValle , Vincent Leibell, George Maziarz, Michael Nozzolio, George Onorato, Bill Perkins, Michael Ranzenhofer, Stephen Saland, Diane Savino , Eric Schneiderman, Dale Volker, George Winner.

All now legally obligated to adjudicate the information on the hearings provided & return results. Frank added credibility, irrefutably, to everyone, including Will’s claims.

I know Kevin promises stories and actions tomorrow that normally do not post until months later but to date he has lived up to them sooner or later.

Not sure what you all are begging Frank to do but I question why you do not file for rehearings of your cases based on the criminal allegations of Anderson that demand not only investigation & discovery but a review of your cases by other courts and judges not polluted by New York’s stench.

Some of that I smell here. As we know, there will be those who try to derail the efforts of the victims here, they are those who have victimizing you all along with different faces. If you want your cases heard, publish them yourself, is Frank obligated?

I posted the letters regarding Sunny, they were sent to me ad nauseam by Will & Kevin Hall and to my distribution lists endlessly annoying everyone but each told us to get the word out, post documents, save them to hard drives, etc.

Nowhere on the letter I posted did it ask me to keep confidential as it could get someone killed – NOWHERE, not even non-disclosure language from the guy at ABC.

I asked Frank if people were getting killed what he was doing to protect all those he led to file Federal suits with Scheindlin, did he have a plan for this?

I have been told repeatedly that he is a Fed Agent of some sort, he certainly knows everyone in the US District Court & Second Circus. I think that post has been removed from the blog, can’t keep track of our Russian editors strikes & they leave no mark noting the removal.

According to Will, Frank and Christine were settling out before her case ever got to trial for big bucks and they were going to Jamaica or some remote island never to be seen again, leaving all those who thought they would get into fed court abandoned.

Well we all know that story. I heard Will pining that others nor I would be able to testify at NY hearings & it was all a scam and that Frank promised hearings & they would never happen.

Well, we all know that story. I know Frank has a lawsuit or few in progress, 1 involving his dead brother and I do not think Will has a lawsuit ( skin in the game ) that is active, so what is he pursuing or is it altruistic help at this point?

I am not saying anything bad about Will or his actions but I am saying that all of this distraction, intentional or not, is distracting from this blog’s purpose, to continue to ask for criminal investigations of the Anderson allegations exposed in Fed Court.

My love always to Frank for his help, Christine, Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe & all those brave souls who for whatever reason have advanced the ball and exposed more and more of the slimy underbelly of New York.

Their efforts on my behalf will not be forgotten until someone proves they have done us harm in any way, so far it sounds like sticks and stones. For now, they have risked their lives as far as I am concerned and I would do same for them.

Eliot Bernstein, Inventor”

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