Wednesday, September 1, 2010

George Demos Corrupt SEC Investigator aided and abetted JP Morgan in Hundreds of Millions of Fraud !!!

George Demos - Campaign Motto "Fighting Corporate Fraud" - What a Crock, George Demos Enables Corporate Fraud from the Inside. George Demos protected JP Morgan over a 130 Million Dollar Scandal and that is just what we know.. George Demos Ratted out a Whistleblower AGAINST SEC rules.. against the LAW. .and yet "quietly" Retired...

So does JP Morgan have that kind of Down and Dirty Connections to Get George Demos to the Top of the Political Ladder even though there is PROVEN Crimes against the Corrupt George Demos?

Why is George Demos seemingly un-afraid of "Investigations" of any kind ?

Why does the Ethics Committees in New York simply IGNORE real proof on the Guilt of George Demos? How can a Corrupt SEC Officer glide on into a Political Run such has George Demos is in ... and NOT think that his Without a Doubt GUILT would Surface?

Easy - Breezy.. ALL you have to do is Own the Supreme Court, Own the Department of Justice, Own the SEC, Own the FBI, own the State Bar Review.. and well have Connection in Back Allies Everywhere.. or If not "Own" per say.. at least have a Corrupt Insider Like George Demos was while at the SEC.... Working For Ya.. So you can Commit any Billion Dollar Fraud.. and Easily Swindle Shareholder - Investors out of Billions on Top of Billions.. I mean if the SEC Investigator is in Your Pocket ... Well then What have you to Fear ?

So we Know that JP Morgan has Billions.. We know that JP Morgan is Corrupt .. We know that JP Morgan is Above the Law and Well George Demos protected JP Morgan while at the SEC and well NOTHING was done about that.. So ya.. JP Morgan is big enough to pay off an SEC Officer.. however the kind of POWER it takes to control the New York Bar, the DOJ, the SEC at the higher levels, the FBI, the NYAG, the New York Supreme Court.. well that takes a Super Power.. and Well I Say, IN MY OPINION that Proskauer Rose LLP has Enabled the Rise of George Demos, has Protected George Demos and WELL has Protected JP Morgan...

See Tonight .. a Whistleblower Tipster brought to my attention a Connection Between JP Morgan and Proskauer Rose LLP - So it would seem that Proskauer Rose is in Bed with JP morgan and well We know from my other Whistleblower Blogs that if a Company.. even with Intent and well .. even if they hid the money of investors and financial victims.. well they can still hide money and assets in "retirement funds" as this is how the Big Companies STEAL your MONEY legally.. they put it in a retirement fund.. they lobby to make sure that a retirement fund is protected in bankruptcy and well there you have it so...

New York JPmorgan Chase & Co. ( - Googles "Proskauer Rose Pension" - Hmmm.. oh what a Tangled Web We Weave... So Rats Scurry on Out and give me MORE tips on the George Demos - Proskauer Rose - JP Morgan Corruption Ring Connection...

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

So many Favors.. in the Trillions that I Suspect George Demos PULLED for JP Morgan, Proskauer Rose Law Firm and More while at the SEC.. well Pay Back time and well the Corrupt George Demos wants Political Office and WoWee... Corrupt Companies Such as JP Morgan and Corrupt Law Firms Such as Proskauer Rose LLP surely need a Corrupt Politician to Get them Their Continued Political Favors.. So Win Win Right ?

Quote from George Demos Campaign Website, "George served as a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement attorney from 2002 through 2009 where he specialized in prosecuting corporate and white collar fraud. " - So DID George Demos Protect Proskauer Rose from the Multi-Trillion Dollar Technology Theft, and Shareholder FRAUD over the Iviewit Stolen Technology.

I mean the SEC knew about and KNOWS about Iviewit, so why Does the SEC protect Proskauer Ross Law Firm??? even NOW after they Know of the Madoff, Standford.. and many more Billions on top of Billions that Shareholders lost and that Proskauer Rose Law Firm Helped to Hide Money for them.. Advise them and WELL enable and Orchestrate their Crimes..

The SEC knows FULL well of Fraud such as Madoff, Stanford.. and WELL the SEC knows of the Massive Shareholder Fraud in the Trillions to do with the Iviewit STOLEN Technology and they do NOTHING as of YET... So who Took over for George Demos in Protecting Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm - within the SEC... there is a Corrupt SEC investigator cover up the Iviewit Scandal to Protect Proskauer ROSE... I can Smell it.. WHO is IT?

ALL Roads to HELL,
ALL Roads to BILLONS from Innocent,
ALL roads to Stolen Inventions.. and Economic Terrorism..
eventually.. Lead back to Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

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Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger