Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gregg M. Mashberg Covers UP Massive Proskauer Rose Fraud on US Investors over Multi-Trillion Dollar Iviewit Scandal

So Who is Gregg M. Mashberg of the Corrupt Proskauer Rose LLP ?

Gregg M. Mashberg Covered Major Fraud That Proskauer Rose LLP was involved in, and Well it is Time to Dig a Little Deeper into who Gregg M. Mashberg is and why Gregg M. Mashberg would risk his Career to cover up obvious, blatant and proven corruption withing Proskauer Rose?

Gregg Mashberg is "co-head of the Securities Litigation & Enforcement Group and a former Chair of the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department." - This from Gregg M. Mashberg's Bio WOULD come in Handy to Cover Up Corruption Don't Ya Think?

Gregg M. Mashberg " has a particular focus on securities litigation, defending public companies and their directors and officers in class actions, SEC investigations and enforcement actions. " - another Gregg Mashberg, Proskauer Rose Bio Tidbit that would come in VERY Handy if Gregg M. Mashberg should have the NEED to help Proskauer Rose LLP to Cover UP Massive SEC Fraud and NOT want anything "Enforced".

Gregg M. Mashberg also " has broad experience in defending directors and officers in shareholder derivative actions and direct breach of fiduciary duty suits under state law. " Well Boy Howdy ~ now this is VERY handy as .. well Shareholders NEED to be Silenced and Kept in the Dark on Massive Shareholder Fraud that Proskauer Rose LLP has been involved in.. Standford, Matoff .. yes but also the Collapse of ENRON - which Proskauer Rose Was Majorly Involved in. And Intel Corp. CEO Paul Otellini was involved with Enron, Right? And Intel Corp. is Using and Making Billions from the Iviewit Stolen Technology that Proskauer Rose LLP corruptly and directly was involved in. 1200 documents of Proof at www.Iviewit.TV

As part of Gregg M. Mashberg's securities litigation practice, Gregg M. Mashberg is outside litigation counsel for The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and its subsidiaries, the nation's principal securities settlement and depository institutions.

Not sure what all the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation Does. Sounds a bit like a breeding ground for bankruptcy corruption to me. Soon we will discuss a Whole lot on Gregg M. Mashberg and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation - Do you have a Gregg Mashberg Tip? email Me at

Gregg M. Mashberg, "has litigated in trial and appellate courts around the country, successfully defending against claims challenging the securities clearing and settlement system. "

Gregg M. Mashberg, "has been active in litigation concerning various high-tech industries. " - this is a Good Thing? Come on Gregg M. Mashberg, covered up Massive Shareholder Fraud that is now an SEC Complaint, a Federal RICO Lawsuit, and a Major Multi-Trillion Liability to Investors of Many "tech" Companies.

Gregg M. Mashberg, "has substantial experience litigating disputes relating to telecommunications services and automated systems for processing securities transactions. " Again this involves the Iviewit Technologies Scandal.

Gregg M. Mashberg, "has substantial litigation experience involving core aspects of Proskauer’s litigation practice, including general commercial disputes, antitrust, bankruptcy, entertainment, sports, First Amendment and trade secrets. "

WOW.. Proskauer Rose is GUILTY without a Doubt of bankruptcy corruption such as Enron and the Bankruptcy the used to STEAL the Iviewit Technology.. that Caused Enron's Collapse... ~ Proskauer Rose LLP is GUILTY of Breaking .. aiding and abetting major "breaking anti-trust" laws. ~ Proskauer ROSE is VERY Guilty of Stealing Trade Secrets and with NO Remorse as in the Iviewit Technology Theft. ( )

Gregg M. Mashberg "recently won summary judgment in a commercial dispute on behalf of a major British company, dismissing a complaint seeking $100 million in damages. "

Gregg M. Mashberg "is an experienced courtroom lawyer; for example, he won a $3 million federal jury verdict in a stockholders’ derivative action in a case involving the closing of a Wall Street brokerage house. " Gee talk about Vague.. what are the Corrupt Circumstances Surrounding this One? Coming SOON !!

Following law school, Gregg M. Mashberg spent five years in the New York City Corporation Counsel's Office, becoming an Assistant Chief of the General Litigation Division. In that position, Gregg Mashberg was lead counsel for the City in major institutional change class actions. Gregg M. Mashberg also represented the City in litigation concerning significant public policy disputes.

Gregg M. Mashberg - Proskauer Rose LLP
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