Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kevin R. Hall Can't Wait for the Wheels of Justice and Hopes the Kids are Ok..

Kevin R. Hall Says I have Never - Ever Spoke with Stephen Lamont.. well in the Last Six Months.. Kevin Hall says I am not doing what I COULD to ensure the safety of your children from your Delusional Husband... I am only telling you this so you can Make good Decisions..

Just Sayin' hello.. oh and that Crystal Cox and Eliot Bernstein are REALLY Delusional..

I am Refraining from Responding.. the Way I Could... (hmm.. what could this mean)

..your husbands actions with Crystal Cox are .. seriously Paranoid Delusion..

.. I have Never done these Things.. at some point the Wheel of Truth.. the Wheel of Justice will Be Coming Around.. ( Gee .. Kind of Counting on that One )

Or something Like that. Take a Listen TO the Sound .. Video Below..

Manipulative, Threatening, Defaming, Accusing, and well.. Nonesensical and so What is the Real Story with Kevin Hall formerly Esq. and Kevin R. Hall's REAL INTENT with the Iviewit Company?

More on the Iviewit Stolen Technology at

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