Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maximus Double Billing NJ Adoption Subsidies For Shareholder Profit

Here we have New Jersey, double billing for federal adoption subsidies for years and they blame it on Maximus, the corporation that is suppose to be maintaining the electronic healthcare records for Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, and other federal social assistance programs.

This is the same company that has breeched its Corporate Integrity Agreement with HHS OIG.

HHS OIG Review of New Jersey's Adoption Assistance Subsidies Submitted for Federal Reimbursement As a Resul...

This is the same corporation that seeks to maximize its profits for its shareholders.

TO MAXIMUS, INC. SHAREHOLDERS: Do not worry, the company has a heap more revenue-maximization schemes they have yet to be busted doing.  With its new position in healthcare reform, there will be a heaping more revenue maximizing schemes it can put in place.  You will make make money; its a sure investment!   

Technical hegemony and institutional indolence makes this BUY, BUY to competition.


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New York Office of Children and Family Services Maximus Training Plan 2004- TBD