Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mike Workman C21 Eureka Protect By Realtor Association, E and O insurance, Corrupt Judges and ATTORNEYS.. you Lose

Who Protects Mike Workman's Corruption as a Eureka Montana Real Estate Broker?

Well Judges, his Attorney being friends with your Attorney, Mike Workman C21 Eureka's E and O insurance sure goes along way at shutting you up. Though Mike Workman was proven as knowing Latent Defects, Known Facts that Affect Value - Quality of Life ... and Known Adverse Material Facts.... Proof Mike Workman knew issues with Eureka Montana Homes and Yet Lies over and over to rake in the big bucks... over a decade of stories I heard and ended up keeping to myself as NO One Listened.. Stories of people living in garages, Stories of Pam Flowers Flat Out Fraud and Mike Workman saying I don't Care, she is making me money and that is all that matters...

The MLS, Northwest Montana Association of Realtors protected Mike Workman as Director Kathy Schulte was quoted as Saying Mike Workman was "Dreamy" - she would call him and warn him of pending lawsuits... ones that ruined lives.. and he would change files, make inspections disappear, and create an illusion before discovery..

Mike Workman is what is Known in Eureka Montana as a Good Ol' Boy, so he committs a crime and you do the time.. you give all your money, your quality of life. .you live in your garage.. you lose everything and he gets off with no financial damages, no criminal charges.. though he broke the law.. Attorneys like Cory Laird protect Mike Workman for some reason. .why who knows.. but Mike Workman flat out lies, you have proof and no judge or legal proceeding makes him pay for the damage Mike Workman C21 Eureka Montana did to your life or your pocketbook...

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