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Montana Murder Trial Was Corrupt from the Start Says Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

Montana 19th Judicial District Court Corruption Denies Rights of SELF Defense Trial.

Judge Michael Prezeau is Corrupt and COULD never let Heather Henson have a FAIR Trial..

YOU will NEVER - Ever get TRUE - unBiased Justice in Montana's 19th Judicial District Court - NO MATTER WHAT Decision the Corrupt Judge Michael Prezeau Makes - the Montana Supreme Court has to Stand By it .. for Judge Michael Prezeau is well connected and KNOW to MUCH and the Montana Supreme Court does not DARE go against Judge Michael Prezeau - Libby Montana.

Heather Henson is Innocent.. this is Painfully Obvious. She Really Was Defending herself and in MONTANA - well we take pride on the Right to Bear arms and on the Right to Defend Ourself. Yet in Lincoln County Montana - Protecting Corrupt Law Enforcement is More Important then the Right to Defend Yourself.

Larry Kingsley ALL Crazy and Shooting Guns Will Nilly and UNSTABLE ~ This was not a ONE time thing, the COPS knew full well that Larry Kingsley was unstable and they covered it up to protect Jay Sheffield, Sheriff Anderson, the Lincoln County Detectives Office and others WHO had FULL knowledge of Larry Kingsley ~ Why?

What is their Motive ?

Well Prison for their PROVEN Conspiracy and the Massive Lawsuits for WRONGFUL DEATH - that's What. Not to mention what Heather Henson and Her Family will Get One Day when it is PROVEN That the Lincoln County Corrupt Law Enforcement Knew this situation was brewing and did NOTHING.. .and they had been told over and over by several sources..
She Was Defending herself and the Corrupt Lincoln County Sheriff and Detectives KNOW it and they do NOTHING to protect the life of Lincoln County Residence.

And How Dumb is Heather Henson's Attorney, just think my Blog is YAP and Yammer.. Bull ~ it's the TRUTH - by the People.. not Some Story I Made up for my Own Pleasure...

Wake UP !!

Unless Heather Henson's Attorney is Protecting the Massive Corruption and Cover Ups in the 19th Judicial District Court - Well We Shall Soon "discover" that.. stay tuned..

And to Me the Pain, Horror, and Massive Suffering of the Larry Kingsley and the Heather Henson Family is a PERFECT Example of the Model of Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Massive Cover UPs and Illegal Activity in Lincoln County Montana To Protect the bad behavior, laziness, and flat out ignorance of the Lincoln County Law Enforcement.

the Corruption in Lincoln County MONTANA
is Very Well Funded and Un-Stoppable.

If Heather Henson is not innocent then WHY .. really.. ???

Why her and not the guy that pulled the trigger.. ?

Well Folks THE TRUTH, Judge Michael Prezeau’s Decision was to cover up for what the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office knew and DID not take action on.

See this would be a major lawsuit - a Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Sheriff Anderson and His Detectives and WELL we Can't Have the Larry Kingsley family WINNING a Wrongful Death Lawsuit - Now Can We?

Believe me this is an OPEN and Shut Case for the Larry Kingsley family if only there was a NON-Corrupt Courtroom in the State of Montana, gee Darn.. there is NOT !!!

The Larry Kingsley Family contacted me several times over 2 Years and I tell you what, THEY have Massive Rights. See Jay Charles Sheffield was a cop, he pulled over Heather Henson, Boyfriend and Larry Kingsley? He Knew full well the Situation and did nothing to prevent it, Sheriff Anderson was put on notice by campers of the "unstability" of Larry Kingsley, and well ya know what..

ALL those Lazy, Arrogant Lincoln County Law Enforcement would have had to do would be to get the Lincoln County Social Services WHICH THEY CONTROL to get Larry Kingsley help, to get his caring family involved.. and they warned no one - they did nothing to help this man and he became worse and therefore endangered the life of Heather Henson ~ and Lincoln County Law Enforcement are to BLAME and will One Day pay MILLIONS of your TAX Dollars to the Henson and Kingsley Family for this Situation they could have EASILY prevented had any of them Give a Damn at any Time.

So then Jay Sheffield became the Justice of the Peace over his Own cases from when he was a Cop, and all seemingly without even being licensed to be a Montana Cop.

Also the Campers that Came to Sheriff Anderson and other Reports to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office that were LOST, Destroyed and Covered up.

The Life of Heather Henson is NOT worth as much as their FREEDOM and the Massive Money that Now Heather Henson and Larry Kingsley Family would get if there were an actual COURT in Montana where the TRUTH was actually a Defense.

Larry Kingsley WAS unstable, the Cops KNOW this..

Sheriff Anderson had Warning. JUST like in the Zugg Shootings, where those FOLKS asked the Police in Libby Montana to escort them to get their things.. and Sheriff Anderson IGNORED all this.. and there was a Murder..

Sheriff Anderson and Lincoln County Detective Knew that Larry Kingsley was unstable and if they had tried to do anything .. ALL would have been prevented.

The Montana Supreme Court PROTECTS Montana Corruption at ALL costs, because if they don't then they all go down for decades of fraud, corruption, and cover ups. Look at Hamilton Corruption - The Montana Supreme Court withheld a decision to ban a man from the Hamilton Library because of a Letter to the President Exposing Montana Corruption.

The Montana Supreme Court WILL never ever give a shit about some 18 women. They would never expose their cronies for some woman who was admittley doing drugs and well she is guilty, right?

Heather Henson never had a chance with her Montana Supreme Court appeal in regard to the CORRUPT Cover UP decison of Judge Michael Prezeau

Even if Judge Michael Prezeau would have been truly un-biased and had Ethics and a Heart on this one.. well he could not have, his hands were most likely tied as Sheriff Anderson is the Law of the land and Judge Michael Prezeau had held up so many real estate cases, water rights cases, and rumored to have taken so many pay offs that Judge Michael Prezeau did not dare go against Lincoln County Sheriff Anderson or the New JP at the time, Jay Charles Sheffield - I mean after all didn't Judge Michael Prezeau swear in Jay Sheffield and have a Picture in the paper and the whole deal.. ??

Heather Henson, Bless her Soul is Collateral Damage ... so that Sheriff Anderson, Roby Bowe, Judge Michael Prezeau, Jay Sheffield and the Gang can cover up their own Negligence.

Campers told the Lincoln County Cops about Larry Kingsley acting "Unstable" shooting at them in a campground.. acting very unstable and these folks, slept in a lake in a boat out of fear.. the next day they went to Sheriff Anderson and told him of what happened..

NEVER Ever Believe that Heather Henson should be in prison..

Larry Kingsley was more then unstable, he was downright dangerous.

Folks Believe What Makes you Sleep Well at night.. but ... that May not be the Truth... regardless of if this young women did a few drugs and was having some teenage fun one summer with her boyfriend that involved drugs and alcohol or not.. THIS means she has to Go to Prison for Self Defense just to Cover Up the Corrupt Actions of a Montana Sheriff, Montana Detectives and a Corrupt Cop that Became a Justice of The Peace.

Link to the Article on The Corrupt Montana Supreme Court
DENY Rights to Heather Henson in order to
protect corruption in Montana's CORRUPT 19th Judicial District Court

"" Henson filed an appeal stating that Prezeau erred by improperly instructing the jury and by prohibiting evidence from being used in trial that would have described Henson’s mental health and illustrated how dangerous the victim was. " ~ Right What a JOKE - Henson had NO Fair TRIAL from the Start.. it was a Lincoln County COVER your ASS party and Still is..

The Truth is Between the Lines Folks.. Look Deep..
Henson is Damn Well Right "Prezeau Erred" and BIGTIME !!

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Investigative Blogger

The Verdict By Corrupt Montana Courts are NOT Proof of ANYTHING other then the Severe Lack of Justice in Montana Courtrooms all the way to the Corrupt Montana Supreme Court, who sources HIGH UP Tell me that it COST $50,000 for a Supreme Court Decision in the State of Montana.

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