Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pompous Ass CEO Paul Otellini Yaps about Job Creation at the Apen Forum...Otellini is involved in Multi-Trillion Technology Theft.

CEO Paul Otellini knows How to Get Er' Done and he is Letting the US President Have it.. See the way to Create JOBS... you See is to Murder Inventors, Steal Technology... Create a Cartel.. a Technology Monopoly.. Now that is the Intel Nation way.

See at iNtel Nation... the way to Stimulate the Economy is to Buy off Judges, Settle in Secret Rooms for Big Money, Steal Trillion Dollar Technology such as the Iviewit Technology, Buy off Attorneys, Pay off SEC Investigators, Pay Lobbyists, Pay Politicians, Constantly Buy off or STOMP out Competition, Threaten and Ruin the Lives of FTC Investigators, Rig the Market, Participate in Insider Trading... Make deals with Gateway and Dell... Lie Cheat and Steal.. Make Consumers and Shareholders pay for Intel Nation CEO's to GET filthy RICH.. and well.. can't hurt to have connections inside the SEC, control District and Federal Court Judges and well RULE THE WORLD...

Look at the Investigative Report at - look at These guys are all in bed together and JOB creation is NOT their Game.. Corruption, Cartel, Evil, Monopolies, Economic Terrorism.. and in some cases attempted murder.. now that Job Creation at the SUPERPOWER known as Intel Nation..

Intel is Corrupt... and Above the Laws that Smaller Companies say with hundreds of million and not Billions... well they have to obey the Anti-Trust Laws.. BUT not the Intel Mafia...

So CEO Paul Otellini - YOU Arrogant Ass - STOP blowing Smoke.. you are CORRUPT and your kind of Job Creation is Deadly, Life Ruining, Competition Stomping and WE pay the Price.. Enough is Enough ... your Government Agencies.. the SEC, FBI, FTC, DOJ and more KNOW full well of the CRIMES of Intel and can do nothing for Intel is a Super Power.. Read the Report .. Don't Believe Me. .anyone that Can Read Can prove the GUILT of Intel..

Here is the Latest Yap from the
Pompous Ass Paul Otellini CEO of Intel Nation.

"At the Aspen Forum this week, Intel CEO Paul Otellini blasted the Obama administration for not understanding "what it takes to create jobs."

"I think this group does not understand what it takes to create jobs," CNET reports the CEO as saying. "And I think they're flummoxed by their experiment in Keynesian economics not working."

Otenelli's remarks thrust him into a growing crowd of chief executives who have publicly doubted or outright slammed the Obama administration's economic policies.

As the midterm elections approach, this powerful interest group has ramped up its attacks on the White House.

And as they compare the administration to communists or to Hitler, some of America's CEOs are starting to sound more like, well, politicians. "

Source of Quote

Oh and "Ramps up Attacks" on the White House .. what a Crock. .the Whitehouse ... PROTECTS iNtel NaTion.. so don't believe that YAP either !!!

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