Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tom Petters Fraud - the Second Fraud Movie. Stop Bankruptcy Fraud and Stop Bankruptcy Corruption.

The Second Fraud Movie
Banned From Minnesota TelevisionStop Bankruptcy Fraud

Polaroid Bankruptcy

Doug Kelley Petters Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney Take the Money and Leave NONE for The Creditors.

The Department of Justice Trustee Turns a Blind Eye.

Bankruptcy Corruption is Rampant. 

Watch the Second Fraud and Learn More How Corruption Works in the Bankruptcy Courts. 

Bankruptcy Fraud Corruption seems to Be Legal, ALL you Need is a Judge, a Department of Justice Trustee and well the FBI Does not really care .. all they need is an indictment and the FBI does not even interfere Key Witnesses as we seen in the 40 Million Dollar Summit 1031 Bankruptcy. 

Bankrupty Court is Big Business and in this Business of Going Bankrupt, Everybody wins but the Victims.. the "Creditors" - the Money was there but the Corruption in Bankruptcy Take the Money, pay off the Corrupt DOJ Trustee, Pay Off local judges, set up whistleblowers and rake in hundreds of millions.. All while the US Bankruptcy Courts aid and abett their blatant White Collar Crime.

The FBI says they don't know or care about where the money goes after the bankruptcy is filed, they just go after the source company and look for illusionary indictments and never really prove where the money went. ... that the Bankruptcy Courts took after the Company Filed Bankruptcy...

Time to STOP Corruption in the Bankruptcy Courts...

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