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What is U S Attorney General Eric Holder Doing About Bankruptcy Corruption?

Letters about Tom Petters/Dreier and their partner Traub's Affidavitto AG Holder

" April 6, 2009

Honorable Eric Holder
U S Attorney General
Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Attorney General;

This letter is to inform you of the existence of serious, vast, felony violations within the Delaware Federal System of Justice, specifically Fraud and Perjury in excess of $300 million that has inexplicably received support from the very venerated public federal authority/policing officials charged with the fiduciary duty to arrest the mendacious behavior.

These items are testified to you, this, the 6th day of April 2009, Under Penalty of Perjury, where I, Steven Haas (a/k/a Laser Haas) the sole 100% owner of Collateral Logistics Inc (“CLI”), the Court approved Liquidation Consultant of the Delaware Bankruptcy eToys Debtor (DE Bankr 01-706) - do aver the following to be true and correct;

[I]t is necessary to pray for caution in advance - that there is a need to appoint an independent Federal Agent or Agency, such as an independent prosecutor or Special FBI Agent, who have legal prowess in Perjury, Conflict of Interest, Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duties under 28 USC § 586(a)(3)(F), 18 USC § 3057(a) and 18 USC § 1346.

This petitioner was offered a bribe to look the other way and turned it down only to receive a TBF threat [emailed] to “back off” from the investigation or not only would the Court approved work not be compensated, this petitioners career would suffer and additional retaliations would transpire as the perpetrators had enough influence over the System that this petitioner could also suffer being forced to return money earned in previous cases.

MNAT/TBF attorneys confessed to supplication of more than thirty-four (34) false affidavits and deliberately deceiving the Court in 2005– for some inexplicable reason the DE Dept of Justice rogue personnel voided a Motion to Disgorge and gave Paul Traub’s firm unlawful, implied, blanket, immunity and the promise of future willful blindness by the Dept of Justice.

This – in turn – hampered any investigation into Paul Traub who was also the partner with Marc Dreier (2008 NY $700 million fraud) & Tom Petters (2008 MN $3 billion fraud).

The Confessions & DOJ Cover Up are in expressed detailed docket records.

Of serious concern is the fact that the DE DOJ permitted the Destruction of Books n Records! Belatedly we learned that the DE US Attorney was a partner with the MNAT Law firm he refused to prosecute and the removed Region 3 Trustee was promoted to Acting General Counsel of the Executive Office of US Trustee’s after the EOUST Director (who personally promised us proper remedy) –Resigned upon the discovery of another $100 million in fraud. Previously - Vice President Biden – whilst Senator, did not permit the nomination to the Federal Bench of the US Attorney (who was a partner with the when the Fraud & Perjury began).

The DE Dept of Justice rogue personnel instructed
the SEC to back off the Official Investigation.

We have the name, dates and email messages!

Reporting this to the Dept of Justice Public Corruption Unit –another US Attorney disbanded the CA Public Corruption Unit and Threatened career prosecutors to keep silent on the real reasons behind the dismantling – or else! (See LA Times story by Glover) Currently there are three on-going criminal endeavors by the same team of perpetrators in Levitz, Domain Inc, ebc1. The amounts are excessive with two (2) separate $100 million dollar crimes!

The felony violations here are Perjury, MisPrision of a Felony, Intimidation of Victim or Witness, Scheme to Fix Fees in a Federal case, Fraud, Collusion, Hiding of Cash assets in the millions overseas, Extortion, Obstruction – including multiple documented court record acts of Obstruction by the Dept of Justice rogue personnel, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and being it occurs in multiple states, multiple cases, the same parties over multiple years there is ample foundation for Racketeering.

All that evil needs is for good men to sit idle. The downfall of eToys was deliberate and evidence exists of a pre-planned bankruptcy to cover it up!

The name remains stolen property as the law firm MNAT and TBF, while working purportedly on behalf of eToys – sold eToys assets for discounts in the tens of millions to their undisclosed client Bain/KB –also trying to protect their other undisclosed client Goldman Sachs who is exposed to $500 million in the NY Supreme Ct ebc1 (601805/2002).

There has been no reported investigation into a planned classic pump-n-dump of a Public company! Please stand tall against fraud, cronyism & corruption within?

Your agency has a serious problem that must be halted At All Costs for integrity’s sake!

We were inspired by your initial comments to both Congress and your rank & file on the return to the rule of Law. It is our hope & prayer that – even though the vice began prior to your administration – as personnel within your control are engaging in arbitrary & capricious behavior, violating their Oath of Office to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign & domestic with “color of law” acts that are a subversive breach of fiduciary duty.

We hope & pray that the Dept of Justice charged with halting Fraud will have a zero tolerance of bad faith acts within the Department of Justice!

Sincerely - /s/ Steven Haas (a/k/a Laser)
100% owner Collateral Logistics
Whistleblower eToys/Traub/DOJ Frauds "

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