Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventist Health System seems to have Hired the Corrupt Law Firm of Broad and Cassel To Silence a Powerful Whistleblower.

Where there is Broad and Cassel ~ There is Proskauer Rose LLP connections and Protection.

You can bet that the Illegal and Unethical Connections Broad and Cassel have will PROTECT the Corruption within the Adventist Health System.

Broad and Cassel control the Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court and NO Whistleblower is Going to Win against that kind of Power.

The Iviewit Scandal is Massive.. including a Car Bombing on one of the Iviewit Inventors and the Florida Courts at EVER Level IGNORES to this day what Christopher Wheeler of Proskauer Rose and his BROTHER James Wheeler of Broad and Cassel did in order to aid and abet this Massive Shareholder Crime, this is an ongoing USPTO, SEC, DOJ and FBI investigation.

The Corrupt Florida Courts seem to protect the Criminal Attorneys from Broad and Cassel and from Proskauer Rose just because they have connections to their Attorney Fraternity Cronies at the Florida Bar and on the Florida Supreme Court.

And if you Complain to the Florida Bar or Florida Supreme Court then you are Targeted.

Trillion Dollar Fraud seems to Legal in Florida, Car Bombs .. attempts on the lives of those who expose Broad and Cassel or Proskauer Rose .. well that seems Legal Too.

So today as I look at the Adventist Health System Whistleblower case brewing, I cannot help but see the Pattern of Corruption as with all good RICO Complaints where by Broad and Cassel are defending the bad guy and going after the Whistleblower (aKa "Good Guy").

Proskauer Rose has covered up a Multi-Trillion Dollar Technology Theft and have done so for a decade. James Wheeler of Broad and Cassel being the brother of Corrupt Attorney Christopher Wheeler who was one of the Original Conspirators in the theft of a Multi-Trillion dollar technology theft, well that PROTECTS Mr. James Wheeler and Broad and Cassel, which in turn Protects Adventist Health System. So You LOSE, no matter what proof you have, they will set you up, defame you, may put you in a mental institute, they will ruin you financial, take your kids.. they control judges and well Tell the Truth on Adventist Health System and their Corrupt Activities and get the Hell Fire of Proskauer Rose Cronies coming for you..

If you Live through it.. well You Will Lose Everything.. Sorry.. just the facts of Life. However, the Truth will not Go unHeard that is For Sure. So Email ME your James Wheeler ~ Broad and Cassel Corruption Tip and Let's EXPOSE their Crimes for THOSE Who Do Care. Email me your tips on accounting fraud, medical fraud, and criminal activity at Adventist Health System because I Do Care that victims are heard and well AT least your TRUE story about their Corruption, Deception, Fraud and Cover Ups WILL BE FOUND under Google Searches for ALL Their Names.

All CEO's, Officials, Benefactors... ALL involved with Adventist Health System in any way.. Email me your Tip and Let's get this Party Rockin' ~

Adventist Health System and the Patricia Moleski Whistleblower

Same Ol' Story, Denying people from THEIR own records in order to Cover Up their Massive Corruption.. is this happening in Orange County Courts? um.. yeah it is happening in Many Courts if NOT all, where they put your evidence against them under lock and key. I have seen it in Multi-Trillion Dollar case and as small as covering up for an email in a small Montana court. They keep your evidence from you, often the excuse .. well see there is pending investigations.

Patricia Moleski is a Whistleblower against the health care organization Adventist Health System in Winter Park, FL.

Patricia Moleski seems to be a Whistleblower that is Being Sued by a 30 Billion Dollar Company that appears to be Represented by one of the Corrupt Law Firms involved in the Multi-Trillion Dollar Federal RICO Lawsuit, SEC Complaint and Massive Shareholder Fraud involved in the iViewit Technologies STOLEN Intellectual Property.

"Broad & Cassel" is Corrupt No Doubt about it, and seem to be able to make sure Billionaires Stay Above the Law and Whistleblowers ARE kept quite.

"Broad & Cassel" is part of the Massive Florida Corruption that stole the Iviewit Technology and tried to kill one of the inventors? ( www.Iviewit.TV )

Broad & Cassel Law Firm is listed in a Federal RICO suit, and Broad & Cassel Law Firm is one of the representing firms for the Adventist Health System, a 30 billion dollar company that is sueing Patricia Moleski for blowing the whistle on Adventist Health System for criminal violations.

Apparently, Adventist Health System, alters patient & worker comp records and then hires people to delete stating that they were duplicates. So do you have a Tip on Adventist Health System altering patients records, committing medicaid or medicare fraud, or altering workers comp records? If so eMail your Tip to

BROAD & CASSEL. James J. Wheeler is Part of an Ongoing DOJ, OIG Investigation and BROAD & CASSEL is named in an SEC Complaint that Will Cost Shareholders of Major Tech Companies Trillions. And now Broad and Cassel is working for the Corrupt Adventist Health System.

More on the Involvement of the Corrupt Law Firm "Broad & Cassel" and the "iViewit" Multi-Trillion Dollar STOLEN Technology.

More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent at

Much More Coming Soon on James J. Wheeler and Corruption Within Broad & Cassel over the Iviewit stolen technology. Do you have a Tip on Corruption at Broad & Cassel Law Firm or on James J. Wheeler ? If so Email me

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