Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bell Helicopter Contracts - Textron Industries Fraud, Corruption and Scams.

Bell Helicopter Contracts - Textron Industries Fraud, Corruption and Scams.

It is said that there are situations with Bell Helicopter Contracts that end up in the removal of many more employees then simply the now famed Michael Prieto...

It is Said that Bell Helicopters - Textron Industries does not follow Contracts they have with the Canadian Government and manipulates the Contracts for higher profits by utilizing various methods which are all questionable.

Bell is required by Contract to supply Repair and Overhaul Services to Canada by seeking competitive bids in Western Canada for the work to be accomplished. By utilizing subcontractors with higher bids the profits they receive are higher.

Bell Helicopters, Textron Industries Seems to have a History of Ruining Careers and Retaliation against those who blow the Whistle on Bell and Textron.

Textron is Deadly. Bell Helicopters, Textron will do ANYTHING to KEEP their Secrets. Textron has Called the Home of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox and I believe Textron has Done Worse to ME - Crystal L. Cox Personally.. More on that Later.. for I Believe Textron Industries made an attempt on my Life or Quality of Life. So people who do send in their Textron Stories, I know how bad it can get.

It is also Said that Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited states it is not part of Bell Helicopter Textron International Fort Worth so it can mark up repairs accomplished through both facilities.

Think about it, the Canadian Government requires a repair accomplished on one of its 412’s.

1. The part is sent to the BHTCL Supply Centre in Calgary for repair,

2. BHTCL then ships the part to BHTI Fort Worth,

3. BHTI has the part repaired and adds a 200% or better mark-up to the part and ships it back to BHTCL Calgary,

4. BHTCL Canada adds profit to the repair again (6% or better) before invoicing the Canadian Government.

Here is another example,

1. BHTCL Canadian Supply Centre receives a part from the Canadian Government

2. The part is sent to a Bell Customer Service Facility in Canada.

3. The CSF receives the part and must embody new parts from BHTCL in the repair.

4. The repair part is bought from the BHTCL Canada Supply Center in Calgary.

5. The BHTCL Canada Supply Center adds a mark up to the part it sells to the CSF (normally 13% or better). Please realize the part has already substantial profit added to it when it was manufactured by BHTI and supplied to the BHTCL Supply Center.

6. The Bell CSF now adds a profit to the part being embodied into the repair. (normally 10% or better)

7. The repaired part is returned to the BHTCL Canada Supply Centre in Calgary and before it is returned to the Canadian Government, BHTCL adds profit to it another time (6% or better). "

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