Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harbinger Capital Partners, The Money Behind Corrupt General Counsel of Lightsquared Curtis Lu NOW Knows of Massive Shareholder Fraud.

So Sunday Morning, October 3rd 2010 and Who has Spent 12 Hours Parked on this Post?

"2nd October 2010
16:24:09 - 12 hours 55 mins 31 secs "

The Post that has a Lengthy Conversation between Eliot Bernstein - His Attorney and Curtis Lu of Time Warner Inc. Before Curtis Lu LEAVES Time Warner for Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital Partners investment of " Lightsquared ". So Sunday Morning.. Harbinger Capital Partners - Harbinger Capital Partners Offshore Manager, LLC - New York Spends 12 Hours Parked on the Post.. Listening Intently to the Massive Liability Coming SOON to Harbinger Capital Partners - LightSquared Investors. The Proof is Easy, the Corruption is has Been in the way for a Decade - So now this Massive Shareholder Fraud will fall on the Harbinger Capital Partners investors as well as Time Warner Inc.

So What Will Harbinger Capital Do?

Will Philp Falcone Disclose this Liability that is NOW at Lightsquared or will Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners join the Ranks of those who fail to Disclose the Massive Sharefholder Fraud Covered up in the Iviewit Technologies Scandal?

So Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners How will YOU deal with the Curtis Lu Problem? Fire Him, Sue Me... Help Cover for Curtis Lu and Time Warner Inc. ???

In order to Save your Ass and Billions of Your Investors Money you have to now DEAL with this Curtis Lu - Lighthouse Squared, General Counsel Thing.

You See Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital Partners all the folks on my blog that have been involved in the Multi-Trillion Dollar Stolen Iviewit Technology for over a decade now, well there is NOT one Balsy Savvy Business Brain among them.

See there are over 1200 documents of proof, there is phone calls, emails, police reports, department of justice and SEC Reports... Intel Corp. - Lockheed Martin - SONY - IBM - Time Warner Inc. - AOL and many more are Liable for this Technology they have blatantly used for a decade, and as the Patents are held up by USPTO Corruption and Connections to Corrupt Law Firm Proskauer Rose LLP and Foley and Larder well..

Eliot Bernstein made and AMAZING offer to Time Warner Inc. to HONOR their Signed Contracts and to have control of this amazing technology, all they had to do was honor their contrats and work with the True Inventor and the Founder of Iviewit Technologies - Eliot Bernstein and WELL Time Warner Inc. DROPPED the Ball - Bigtime and seems to have Fired Curtis Lu over it..

SO How about YOU Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital Partners maybe you want to Work with iViewit and Control this Technology the Legal Above Board way and TAKE it from all the Cable Companies, MPEG LA, Sony, Intel Corp., IBM, Intel, Verizon, Comcast, and all YOUR Competition.. Hmmm.. Now THERE's an Idea..

Wonder What the Wise Savvy Philip Falcone Will Do Next.....

This Technology is Worth Trillions and is used by most all cell phones, all cable companies, all video technology and WELL it's Rights are kind of up for grabs for WHOEVER works with Eliot Bernstein the Rightful Spokesman of the Iviewit Technology that they are ALL illegally Using.. Well this is the Kind of Investment that You can't miss on..

Well at Least Know This Investors, Shareholders - I have a Hard Copy of this Web Stat and it proves that Harbinger Capital Partners Offshore Manager, LLC - New York - IP # Knows of the Massive Liability that Curtis Lu brings to Harbinger Capital Partners - So there you Have it.. Let me Know if you need it..

Iviewit WILL GET Justice..
Coming Soon to a Pocketbook NEAR YOU !!!

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