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Libby Montana Western News Q and A with the Corrupt Judge Stormy Langston of Eureka Montana.

I kind of HOPE the Corrupt Justice of the Peace Stormy Langston of Eureka Montana Sues me for Defamation, see I ain't got no MONEY.. she participated in Ruining me Financially and well FEAR.. been in over my head for a YEAR on that one..

I am no longer afraid of the Corrupt Cops Beating me, Killing Me or Setting Me up.. Living in Fear is Just Not My Thing.. a Year of It.. Plenty to Last a Life Time. So Bring It Stormy Langston ~ You DONE me WRONG and YOU know it. Stormy Langston, YOU had piles of PROOF and YOU know it. I am on the RIGHT Side of the Law and the RIGHT Side of the Moral Compass... ALL the Way !!

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Ok So here is the News Archives on the Gibberish and Flat Out Lies of Justice of the Peace Stormy Langston of Eureka Montana

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Stormy Langston

"" Occupation: Justice of the Peace, Position No. 2

Education: Master’s Degree of Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Numerous hours of additional training and certifications.

What are your best qualifications to serve in this office?

Twenty-three years in the criminal justice field gives me the experience to strike the proper balance between holding someone accountable and using compassion.

NOT and then WELL Not.

Stormy Langston gave me NO Compassion and Held No one Accountable in My Case or any that I was witness to at that time. As well a other OUTSIDE the Law Corrupt Judgement Stormy Langston Made against me as a Real Estate Broker Owner in giving an Illegal Judgement to my Agent who had NO Rights to ANY Judgement.

The citizens of Lincoln County deserve a justice of the peace with the experience to make good, fair decisions based on proper application of the law to the particular facts of the case.

I agree and this is IN No way the Corrupt Judge Stormy Langston. She Does What Bernie Cassidy tells her to do and this is NOT based in FACT, laws and Human - Civil Rights.

I will make certain that I use my experience, legal knowledge and integrity to make fair and honest decisions based on the law.

Flat Out Lies, and Fraudulant Statements.

Do your Homework Folks. Stormy Langston does not base decisions on law, does not let FACTS into her courtroom, does not let Credible Witnesses in and her Decisions are NOT Honest and NOT based in Law. That is a Fact.

Not defamation, check out for more on this. Also the facts around my case and others at that time prove this a flat out lie - LOOK Deep.

Stormy Langston NEEDS sued for Life Endangerment, Defamation, Violating My Rights, Knowing a Man was a Deadly Danger and giving a Protective Order to another man against him for CORRUPT motives.. oh and lots more reasons. coming soon to

I commit to treat each person fairly and impartially, making certain that every person has a level playing field when presenting his or her case and that every person will be treated professionally and with respect in the courtroom, just as they have during the last 3-1/2 years.


Stormy Langston is biased, discriminating - Rights Violating PERIOD and is in NO WAY Impartial or Fair Whats So Ever.

My experience, qualifications, commitment to fairness, impartiality and honesty make me the best candidate for Justice of the Peace, Position 2.

Again Flat OUT Lies.

When is it appropriate to suspend a sentence?

There are many factors that must be looked at when you hand down a suspended sentence. Among these are the individual’s criminal background, the support system that he/she has within the community, ties to the community, employment and familial obligations. Suspended sentences are used as a tool to ensure that someone complies with the order of the court. For example, you may suspend a jail sentence provided they pay a fine and enroll and complete treatment. It is definitely appropriate to suspend a jail sentence if the defendant is employed, is a single parent or is attending inpatient treatment.

Living in a small community, how would you handle cases that involve your family, friends or acquaintances?

Cases involving family are never handled by the relative judge. Another judge in the county must be brought in as a substitute. As for friends, to avoid any indication of impropriety you must call in another judge from the county. I have done just that over the last 3-1/2 years. The best way to handle acquaintance situations is to ask the person if they would like you to recuse yourself and proceed accordingly. Whether friend, family member of another judge, acquaintance or stranger, I will continue to ensure that all understand the charges that have been brought against them; will make certain that there is a factual basis for a guilty plea pursuant to MCA 46-12-212(1) and if not will appoint the Office of Public Defender to represent them in the matter should they qualify. I will not simply accept any guilty plea just to close a case. ""

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