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Michael Grebe, Foley and Lardner, Named in SEC Complaint, RICO Lawsuit over STEALING the Trillion Dollar iViewit Technology.

Michael Grebe is under an ongoing investigation over the Iviewit Technology theft. Though for over a decade Michael Grebe, Corrupt Patent Attorney at Foley and Lardner when the iViewit Technology was first STOLEN, well Michael Grebe has managed to keep the SEC off his Trail, the Dept. of Justice completely looking the other way, the USPTO ignoring the Michael Grebe - Foley and Lardner involvement and has managed to get State and Federal judges to cover up this mass corruption of Michael Grebe and Foley and Lardner over the Iviewit Stolen Technology.

Michael Grebe GUILTY of Massive Shareholder Fraud and Major Cover Ups in NOT disclosing the iViewit Multi-Trillion Dollar Liability. Michael Grebe was at Foley and Lardner and was one of the Original Patent Attorneys that Derailed the Iviewit Invention and Michael Grebe is part of Lockheed Martin USING this Invention and Making Billions From it.

Michael Grebe was a Corrupt Patent Attorney, and Michael Grebe, to this day DOES nothing to make any of this RIGHT. Inventors Rights were stomped on, there were attempts on the Lives of the Iviewit Inventors and their families.

The Iviewit Stolen Technology involves the biggest Law Firms and Tech Companies in the World and Lockheed Martin ... ALL are named in a Federal RICO Lawsuit, as well an SEC Complaint. Michael Grebe is named in the SEC Complaint, in that Federal RICO Lawsuit. There is over 1200 documents of proof ( ) - there is conversations recorded with the Corrupt Patent Attorney from Foley and Lardner, Michael Grebe - www.Iviewit.TV for more on that.

Michael Grebe acted Criminal, seems to have paid off judges, court clerks, USPTO Officers (well that is not to hard as the head of the USPTO use to be at Foley and Lardner as did President Obama - So that's an easy one for Michael Grebe to keep hiding). Michael Grebe pulled some major strings to STEAL this patent so Lockheed Martin, Intel Corp. and many others could use this technology and the Iviewit Inventors have still not got a Dime. Even though Iviewit had Legal, Signed Contracts with Time Warner Inc. ( ) for more on that one).

Michael Grebe pulled off a Whammy in the Blatant Theft of an incredible technology that we all use. The iViewit technology is in every video you see, cable companies use it.. cell phones.. online ads and videos for everything online.. incredible zoom and pan.. the stopping of that dreaded pixalation.. ALL the Iviewit Invention - ALL orchestrated by the Corrupt Patent Attorney from Foley and Lardner Named Michael Grebe.

Michael Grebe is easily proven as GUILTY. Thing is Michael Grebe is connected to the Bush Administration, Donald Rumsfield and I believe high ups in homeland security.. Michael Grebe was General Council to the RNC ~ I mean come on Michael Grebe has some serious strings to pull and boy did Michael Grebe Do just that in the mis-handling and flat out theft of a Multi-Trillion dollar technology that his cronies at Lockheed Martin wanted AND well they got it. Michael Grebe simply derailed, lied, committed fraud and there you have it.. over a decade and the REAL inventors of the Iviewit Technology that we all use, well they get ruined, quality of life squashed, they get harassed, they get their cars bombed WITH NO INVESTIGATION... they get fake tax bills and all kinds of harassment to SHUT them up.. and Michael Grebe and Cronies.. well they GET Billions Every Year from the Iviewit Inventions.

Michael Grebe. Bradley Foundation Links to the Documents and Sound Bite regarding Michael Grebe STEALING a Multi-Trillion Dollar Patent that Michael Grebe of the Bradley Foundation, to this day covers up, lies about and commits fraud on.

Thomas Cahill Protects Michael Grebe
FRIEDMAN KAPLAN SEILER & ADELMAN LLP - Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees
Foley & Lardner LLP, Steven C. Becker, Douglas A. Boehm, William J. Dick, and Michael C. Grebe.

Click HERE for Videos on Michael Grebe Conversations with iViewit Founder and one of the Iviewit Technology Inventors Eliot Bernstein.

Michael Grebe, Corrupt Foley and Lardner Patent Attorney Named in what NY TIMES REPORTS as an 80M LAWSUIT CLAIMING WHITEWASHING IVIEWIT COMPLAINTS ...
Massive Corruption in Cover Ups in New York Courts involving Multi-Trillion Dollar iViewit Technologies STOLEN intellectual property.

Michael Grebe named in this Mass Corruption and another Massive Lawsuit over Iviewit and the Involvement of Corrupt Patent Attorney Michael Grebe of Foley and Larder. Yet over a Decade and Michael Grebe still is Seeming "Respectful" as he Endorses Candidates and Runs the Bradley Foundation.

Michael Grebe, Corrupt Foley and Lardner Patent Attorney Named in SEC Complaint. Click Here for SEC Complaint Naming Michael Grebe, Foley and Lardner.

Click Here for RICO Complaint Naming Michael Grebe - Bradley Foundation over a Multi-Trillion Dollar Patent Theft of the iViewit Technologies.

MICHAEL C. GREBE, was a Chairman and CEO of Foley and Lardner - the Corrupt Patent Law Firm When the iVieiwit technology was STOLEN.
Click Here for Michael Grebe, Bradley Foundation Corruption

Michael Grebe, Bradley Foundation - Corrupt ex-CEO of Foley and Lardner Complaint - Click here to Read more on Michael Grebe Corruption.

More on Michael Grebe - Bradley Foundation
and the Iviewit Stolen Technology Coming Soon.


Michael Grebe information on line brags that "Michael Grebe ran one of the nation's largest law firms, Foley & Lardner, before joining the influential Bradley Foundation as its CEO" ~ So there you have it Michael Grebe, Foley and Lardner... Is GUILTY of Patent Fraud, Criminal Activity, Shareholder Fraud, and More in the Iviewit Technology Stolen Intellectual Property Scandal.

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