Sunday, October 10, 2010

Michael Grebe head of the Bradley Foundation, Chairman of Greater Milwaukee Committee and Campaign for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker

Folks, Michael Grebe is Corrupt. There is no doubt about what is going here. And the Bradley Foundation, well look deep on that one - didn't the Bradley Foundation fund a book on why Whites are Superior. More on the Bradley Foundation coming soon. Got a Tip?

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker backed by Michael Grebe (Foley and Lardners Patent Stealing Kingpin)

Article on Michael Grebe Corruption.

" Michael Grebe, the head of the conservative Bradley Foundation, is chairman of both the and the Campaign for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, the Republican gubernatorial nominee. Walker is taking on Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democratic nominee.

Did Grebe have a hand in making sure the report - which could be used against Walker - didn't come out before the Nov. 2 election?

"It's a fair question," Michael Grebe said Friday. "

But it was Julia Taylor, president of the committee, who recommended delaying release of the report, Michael Grebe said. He then presented it to the full board, which agreed.

"The group - and it truly was a group decision - felt this report would get lost in the commotion of the election year, and it would be more effective for us to release after the election," Grebe said.

Mueller added that Michael Grebe has been very careful about not mixing his roles. Besides, Mueller noted, the committee has several members close to Barrett, including lawyer Marc Marotta, a former top aide to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, and Jill Morin of Kahler Slater Architects. Mueller said no one used their political affiliations to influence the direction of the draft report."

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Michael Grebe is careful of Not mixing ROLES, are you kidding. Look at - look at what Michael Grebe did to the iViewit Technologies coming with helping Lockheed Martin, Intel Corp. , IBM and more to Steal the Intellectual Property that Michael Grebe was supposed to be helping Eliot Bernstein and the Iviewit Company to get a Patent on.

Michael Grebe is connected to the BUSH administration and has connections in very high places, I am sure a Trillion Dollar patent came handy in all that. Now Michael Grebe contiues his unEthical and Criminal behavior. Look at - Michael Grebe - for Foley and Lardner RUINED Lives, Broke the Law, Violated USPTO Ethics and Laws, and was involved what is now a Federal RICO Lawsuit over the Iviewit Technologies and also Michael Grebe is involved in an SEC Complaint.

If you believe there is NO Conflict of interest here and that Michael Grebe had no motive for witholding the report or that Michael Grebe doesn't mix roles or use political affiliation .. well then have I got a bridge to sell you..

Michael Grebe is Corrupt Plain and Simple.

Do you have a Tip on Michael Grebe or a Tip on any of the Corruption, Conflicts of Interest and Connections in this Post?

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