Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MPEG LA LLC, Michael Grebe, James Wheeler of Broad & Cassel and More in RICO Complaint and Shareholder Fraud

"June 06, 2006

The Florida Bar confirms the dates of Matthew Triggs Public Office Service Dates for the Florida Bar. From the end of service as a Public Officer of the Bar there is a prohibition period of one year whereby one cannot represent ANYONE before the Bar.

Matthew Triggs, within the one-year blackout, illegally and in violation of the Public Office Rules of The Florida Bar, represents his partner Christopher C. Wheeler and his law firm Proskauer Rose in complaints filed by Inventor Eliot Ivan Bernstein and the Iviewit companies.

Matthew Triggs also was simultaneously representing Proskauer Rose in a fraudulent billing lawsuit in the civil court of Judge Jorge Labarga (Bush v. Gore election fixer) and also this precluded him from representing his partners and firms before the Florida Bar as a Conflict of Interest.

A Florida Bar complaint was filed against Matthew Triggs after receiving this message confirming his violation of Public Office and elevated to the Florida Supreme Court where it was derailed through further violations of Public Office by Kelley Overstreet Johnson, President of the Florida Bar. Johnson handled the complaints while failing to disclose she worked for Christopher Wheeler's brother law firm.

The case went to the US Supreme Court who would not hear it and thereby leaving a case where Violations of Public Office could not be heard by any court, creating persons above the law.

Finally, similar Violations of Public Office by Proskauer Partner Steven C. Krane, former President of the New York State Bar Association who was caught representing his Proskauer Partners and firm, including Kenneth Rubenstein of MPEG LA LLC, who is the chief culprit of stealing the Iviewit inventions.

Krane's conflict discovered by Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe and led to orders for Krane, Kenneth Rubenstein, Proskauer Rose, Raymond Joao and others to be investigated.

Krane checked out earth recently, G-d unrest his soul and the investigations are yet to be completed 6 years later. Krane also worked for former Chief Judge Judith Kaye who was married to another deceased Proskauer Rose partner Stephen Kaye.

Foley & Lardner and Michael Grebe (former RNC Chief Counsel) are also involved in the theft of the Iviewit patents and all of them are being sued in a TRILLION dollar Federal RICO and Antitrust Lawsuit which has been legally related by the Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin of the US District Court to a New York Supreme Court Whistleblower lawsuit of Christine C. Anderson.

Eliot I. Bernstein "

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