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New York Supreme Court Involved in Bankruptcy Corruption. Department Of Justice Ignores Mass Fraud in Bankruptcy Courts

Blatant Obvious Patterns of Corruption in US Bankruptcy Courts and the Department Of Justices IGNORES Complaint after Complaint.

" the Dept of Justice trying to cover up $300 million in fraud and perjury, while they are perverting the System in the process. Including denying us the Constitutional right of "due process" by refusing us "standing" to point out fraud upon the court. "

"We proved to the courts and US Trustee that fraud and perjury occurred. $300 million in fraud issues, including hidden, undeclard, million dollar cash deposits overseas and $100 million in cash paid to Bain and Michael Glazer prior to bankruptcy being filed. "

" The US Trustee, Frank Perch even testified that he warned the parties against violating Code 327(a). Despite that warning TBF and MNAT drafted a clandestine Hiring Letter that reward Barry Gold if he choose not to apply to the Court, whereupon he was given the CEO job of eToys. Frank Perch also stated that Fraud on the Court had occurred.
They refused to entertain offers for other entities to acquire the public entity of eToys. Then it was discovered that Barry Gold was a paid, long time associate of TBF.
Frank Perch motioned to disgorge TBF $1.6 million and stated that he had warned the parties not to do what they did anyway. That Fraud upon the Court had occurred. The law requires disqualification. Yet even Frank Perch sought to be lenient, not seeking disqualification and speciously failing to even mention MNAT.

Less than 10 days later the Dept of Justice attorney for the US Trustee office, Mark Kenney, voided Frank Perch's motion and went even further in leniency. Reducing the disgorgement to $750,000 (the WSJ story can be seen here ) and then Mark Kenney did worse he gave the TBF implied blanket immunity with the following illegal clause, "WHEREAS the United States Trustee shall not seek to compel TBF to make any additional disclosures"

Of the many other crimes that the "not seek to compel" desires to cover up is the fact that TBF and MNAT also work in the KB Toys bankruptcy, TBF works for the Creditors and MNAT actually, flagrantly (as the cat is out of the bag) rerpresents Bain. TBF petitioned the Court in the KB case to be the one to prosecute the $100 million cash that Bain and Michael Glazer paid themselves before the bankruptcy was filed.

When we informed the Court, Mark Kenney ws the one who defended the perpetrators and Obstructed justice by having the Courts throw us out.

I am Laser Steven Haas, the sole 100% owner of Collateral Logistics Inc (CLI) the Court approved liquidation consultant in the eToys bankruptcy. Stating that we do not have standing or the courts permission to inform the court of fraud is absurd.

We informed eveyrone, including the FBI, the Public Integrity Section, the OIG, OGE, OPR, SEC
Bankruptcy Fraud Div (yes there is one) and the Corp Fraud Task Force. All of whom referred us to the General Counsel of the US Trustee's in Washington DC and the Del US Attorney's office.

Dec 22, 2004 the US Trustee's issued a press release (after we proved the issue and informed the EOUST) Dec 22 2004 was also the date of our Emergency Hearing on the fraud and perjury issues.

Lawrence Friedman, the Director of the EOUST replaced the Region 3 Trustee, Roberta DeAngelis. After we had direct communication with Lawrence Friedman about the Mark Kenney issues, Frank Perch and Lawrence Friedman resigned. (you can see the press release on Mr. Friedman at the US Trustee website also).

As the US Trustee is an arm of the Dept of Justice the DOJ has protocols to handle such issues as US Trustee parties betraying their oath of office. This is why everyone referred us back to the EOUST office General Counsl.

The problem is the GC of the EOUST is now Roberta DeAngelis, in charge of investigating the case she was removed from. As such she is presently acting as an appellee, in the 3rd Circuit Court case 07-2360 seeking that the court dismiss the case. DeAngelis is an appellee with MNAT and TBF.

The TBF law firms has disbanded and closed. But the Court issued an Opinion and Order on Oct 4 2005 that let Barry Gold stay in place as the Court approved the Stipulation to Settle by Mark Kenney. The Opinion contradicts the Order it approved, where the Opinion says everyone must disclose, that no perjury had been Online affidavit of the items that were submitted to the US Attorney in California on Friday Dec 7 2007.

It is a fact that Bain lawyers went to work for eToys bankruptcy, then committed perjury, (admitted) while they sold the eToys assets to Bain/KB Toys and then KB filed Bankruptcy and before they filed, they paid Bain and the CEO of KB $100 million in cash. All while the US Trustee is protecting the parties acting as an appellee in the 3rd Cir case (07-2360) and MNAT, (as the cat is out of the bag) is now brazenly representing Bain in KB case.

All court docket records And Bain was controlled and owned by Romney at the time in 2001 when the Fraud and perjury occurred.

While the US Attorney for Delaware was a partner for the Law firm MNAT in 2001, while MNAT admitted to supplying the Court with multiple false Affidavits. (Perjury) Online affidavit copy that was submitted to the US Attorneys in California can be found Attached are the US Attorney clocked copies of the Affidavits submitted in the case on Dec 7 2007 WSJ original story on the immunity settlement which is now known to be a cover up

Dear SEC Bankruptcy Fraud Division;

We have documentation that groups of persons are going from one bankruptcy entity to another, nefariously bilking public entities. Sometimes arriving prior to bankruptcy filings and walking the entity into bankruptcy as a strategm.

A story of corruption, racketeering and cronyism the likes of which one would be hard pressed, (very much so), to find an equal of.

A federal judge well adverse in the Fraud issues in bankruptcy gave us a heads up on how to file a Complaint that could not be ignored. We did so this Friday at the Central California US Attorneys office.

We just filed a formal Complaint with the US Attorney's office about a US Attorney in Delaware who refuses to prosecute his former partners who have already admitted to perjury in the $300
million Fraud eToys bankruptcy case. While the parties were given implied blanket immunity on the fraud issues and allowed to keep their hands in the cookie jar still controlling the estate.
They need your indifference to succeed. They love the darkness and we need the light of good American hearts upon the Truth.

Please stand up for your freedom and initiate discussions, classes, and debates. "

Source of Above and Full Document$300%20Million%20Fraud.pdf

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the Pattern of Corruption with a Corrupt Judge, Trustee, Receiver, and a cooperating local district court.. well it is the SAME over and over and the DOJ ignores massive corruptin in the bankruptcy courts as . .well the MONEY is just TOO good..