Monday, October 11, 2010

Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony New York Senate Judiciary Committee. Rita Adler, James Pelzer - New York Corruption.

Ruth Pollack, Esq. Will NOT Discriminate.

Ruth Pollack, Esq. WILL Fight for the Under Dog !!!

Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony New York Senate Judiciary Committee

Ruth Pollack, Esq. on the Break Down of the System and on Fixing the System. Ruth Pollack, Esq. wants to be a part of the Solution and NOT part of the Problem.

They wanted Ruth Pollack, Esq out of the Eastern District of New York - Why?

Why is Rita Adler above the Law and Sending Documents such as this video discusses to James Pelzer Clerk of the Court, New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division Second Department ?

Who really protects the Corrupt Rita Adler?

Well for one it is George Demos and those hundreds of Millions JP Morgan covered up in the Peter Sivere scandal, where George Demos Covered for JP Morgan and Rita Adler Covered for George Demos.

Who Else Protects Rita Adler's actions?

Well folks Proskauer Rose Law Firm has Cronies in the New York Supreme Court, on the New York Bar and well in every court really and Proskauer Rose protects JP Morgan, who as we discussed protects George Demos.. it is all connected and Rita Adler KNOWS that she is PROTECTED to act OUTSIDE the LAW, period.

Also we have the conflict of interest with Rita Adler and Noel D. Adler Right. Noel Adler is the Chief Information Officer, Unified Court System and IS Rita Adler's Husband Right? Sounds like it comes in handy to me..

Much More on Rita Adler and James Pelzer CORRUPTION coming Soon..

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Do you have a Tip on the Corrupt Actions of Rita Adler, James Pelzer, George Demos or anyone involved in this Post?

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