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Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony New York Senate Judiciary Committee. More Proof of Major New York Corruption

Rita Adler is Chief Counsel of the NYS Grievance Committee for Tenth Judicial District - Rita Adler is Corrupt in my Book and there is NO Doubt About it.

Rita Adler is the Former Chief of Investigations Division at Suffolk County District Attorney. This alone gives her connections and powers that many may never understand.

Rita Adler stays in her powerful corrupt, life ruining, position for a reason - and that reason is THEY let her.. ..

.. meaning people like Proskauer Rose LLP, Ex-Supreme Justice appointed by Mario Cuomo - CORRUPT Judith Kaye, guys like George Demos with Massive Money behind him for Corruption he Pulled off for major companies like JP Morgan while George Demos was a Corrupt SEC investigator... Rita Adler Protects George Demos's Secrets.. in return George Demos protects Rita Adler and the Wall of Corruption gets Higher...

More on that at

Rita Adler is Conflicted on Many Levels. I believe that Rita Adler is in Conflict and Corruption with NYAG Andrew Cuomo, with Proskauer Rose, with the New York Bar, the New York Supreme Court and thereby protecting Proskauer Rose Corruption in multiple states, Protecting Trillions in Secrets for Major Corporations, such as the Iviewit Technologies Theft and protecting the Criminal Activity of George Demos, Andrew Cuomo and other Elite.. Protected New York Politicians..

What Ever Companies, Corrupt Lawyers, Corrupt Politicians that Rita Adler is GIVEN Order to PROTECT - well She Darn well WILL ~ and You .. well your Just Collateral Damage in a War you had Nothing to do with. .. as Rita Adler is TOLD who to Quiet, Keep Down, Destroy and Run Out of Business and Well Rita Adler DOES Just That.

Rita Adler did NOT investigate the George Demos Complaint, not even a little and DISMISSED it.. the Evidence massive, easily proven .. Dismissed with No Proper or Really ANY "Looking Into" at all. Massive Fraud, Cover Ups .. hundred of millions of dollars, lives ruined, whistleblower loses job and NOTHING from the Corrupt Ruth Adler... Yet in the Ruth Pollack Video Testimony we see that Rita Adler .. .. somehow went after this Attorney with a Vengence and Why?

What was Ruth Pollack Esq. Working on that was so important to the Corrupt Cronies that Rita Adler Answer to that would make Rita Adler set her up. It looks to me like Rita Adler went out of her way to Stop, what looks to me like a Good, Honest, non-rights violating attorney that simply is representing her clients and practicing law.. AND out of no where the Corrupt Rita Adler and cronies target this Attorney.

Sure makes me curious what Ruth Pollack was working on and for Whom, that would make Rita Adler not only INVESTIGATE but also to find a way to go after this attorneys license, to take away her livlihood, and well basically do all that Rita Adler can to Shut her UP - yet not make one inquiry on to the actual ILLEGAL activities of George Demos... well Money, Greed, Politics are a HUGE motive for Rita Adler and Certainly not Law, Morals, Ethics or Constitutional Rights.

So Protect George Demos and Take down Ruth Pollack Esq. hmmm. there is a WHOLE lot more to this don't ya think?

George Demos is Corrupt, Plain and Simple.

New York Criminal Defense Attorney David Schwartz of Gerstman Schwartz LLP, who I believe was working for Chris Cox's father - well they were "Looking Into" the George Demos situation.. thing is the Proof is Right there... but to Expose the SEC Corruption, George Demos.. well then folks like the Corrupt Rita Adler and the Massive Corruption out of JP Morgan would be exposed as well - and with JP Morgan exposure you have.. OOPS.. pant on the ground for the Highest Power of ALL and that Is the Corrupt Proskauer Rose Law Firm in New York.

Attorneys that are Honest and Speak Out, well ...
MOST all are Silenced in One Way or another..

As in the Portland Attorney Fraternity, you Cross the Protected Attorneys and You Pay, you are set up, you lose your career and in the case of the murdered federal public defender Nancy Bergeson.

She gave her life, all because she said the jury was tampered with, all because she worked for the truth and did not favor the MONEY people.. but instead the TRUTH, the law.

Those who defy the Wall of Corruption and respect the rights of the people are Set Up, Pushed Out, Threatened and worse - so most choose their life, their jobs, their kids ... they have to in many instances. Thing is every now and then there is someone brave enough to stand up for all of us regardless of their consequences.

Those Brave Hearts and Wise Voices that stand up and speak for all of us, and take those blows of Economic Terrorism, those threats, the severe defamation among peers and potential clients... and those who give ALL they have ever known there life to be in order to Give Voice to Victims, in order to turn the light on in the dark rooms of dirty deeds ~ Well Those people need you to stand up, speak out, and make noise to give them cover fire per say.

As the Wall of Corruption is so high, and involves every level of the Judicial process, they don't stand a chance alone. They need your light to shine on them as they Boldly Expose what is hurting us all and few can stand up to.

Listen to this New York Attorney Speak up on behalf of .. well what I call live and let live - not discriminating but basing legal cases, justice if you will, on actual law and NOT on favoritism, lifestyle, who you know - who you owe, the size of your pocketbook

It is Easy to Hide under Your Bed while Bad things happen to Other people, many find it the Only Way. Other wise you lose all you have come to know as your life.

Thing is Women Like Ruth Pollack, New York Attorney - well they simply can't do that. It is not an option to lay down the Truth and let the victims suffer for it. It really is not an option to hide and wait for the storm to pass. Woman like Ruth Pollack Esq. makes a stand for you all - and especially for all you Attorneys out there who have to Conform, who swallow that jagged pill of deceit and dishonesty to protect your family - your way of life.... You attorneys out there who are made to look the other way at the Evils that happen at Corrupt law firms like Foley and Lardner...AND .. Like the Massively Corrupt Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

Below is a Link to Ruth Pollack, Esq. Testimony to the New York Senate Judiciary Committee, about the unEthical, Corrupt, Illegal activities of Ruth Adler - further proof of the Mass Corruption in New York Courts.

Coming Soon Connection between Rita Adler and Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye, Connections with Rita Adler and Proskauer Rose LLP, information on WHY and HOW Rita Adler really does help to create and maintain the massive Wall of Corruption in New York Courts.

Rita Adler gets perks and benefits Galore... George Demos had NO Repercussions for ruining Peter Sivere's Life, for Letting JP Morgon off on over 300 Million Dollars in Criminal Activity as George Demos worked for the SEC and basically whitewashed the EVIL and Criminal behavior of JP Morgan. More on the Peter Sivere - Rita Adler - George Demos

Do you have a Tip Rita Adler? How about her husband Noel Adler and Address changes to make sure that Rita Adler's agenda for her Cronies is carried out? Do you have a Tip as an attorney on Rita Adler Corruption, email me Crystal@CrystalCox.com - start a one time Gmail Account if you need to stay anonymous, or simply go to some location and search your tip and find my site and click on it.

Rita Adler's PAST - all of it - Rita Adler RUINS lives and protects corruption, she has to GET something out of it. What is It? Rita Adler was Chief of Investigations Division at Suffolk County District Attorney - so you know she has TONS of Secrets KNOWN and Favors Owed. What are they?

eMail me at Crystal@CrystalCox.com

Do what you Can to Bring the Truth to the Lie, the Light to the Dark.. .Tell On Rita Adler, Noel Adler, George Demos, Andrew Cuomo, and the gang that has taken over any chance of your New York Justice system actually being based on Justice, on the Law, or anywhere near the Constitution of the United States of America.

Folks At this Point, Silence is Betrayel.
Speak Up Now or Seriously Forever Hold your Peace.

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