Friday, November 19, 2010

Blackstone and Goldman Sachs are Protecting Verizon Wireless as they Defame, Stomp and Discredit Philip Falcone and Harbinger Capital Partners.

Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger Says that Blackstone and Goldman Sachs pulled money from Philip Falcone's Hargbinger Capital Partners, along with investment money in LightSquared because of a deal they made with Verizon so that "Lightsquared" Would Never See the Light.

As, well, Philip Falcone seemed to be bragging not to long ago about how LightSquared would be the number one Wireless Company sometime in 2012. Meanwhile Verizon is planning big things for 2012 and Goldman Sachs seems to be predicting 2012 Stocks on Verizon.

Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger says Blackstone and Goldmans Sachs pulled there money from Harbinger Capital Partners at just such a time to create a media stir that would created a tipping point for the endeavors of Lightsquared.

I Say that Blackstone and Goldmans Sachs control ABC news and lots of other Media Outlets that are reporting the wrong story on Blackstone and Goldmans Sachs investment withdrawal and on Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital Partners. I also say that this is On Purpose to discredit Harbinger Capital Partners and stop the flow of money in to LightSquared.

Now add to this a supposed Investigation from the Most Corrupt Judicial System in America the New York Attorney General's Office. This brings in the Whole Gang of "Usual Suspects" in the Wall of Corruption in New York and Well.. Big Money WINS.. and bigger money then Harbinger Capital Partners has and they have a lot.

Then Bring in an SEC Investigation in the Headlines. Even though somehow the Corrupt Elite have for over a decade, Stalled an SEC and NYAG investigation on the 13 Trillion Dollar STOLEN iViewit Technology to Protect Foley and Lardner, Lockhead Martin, Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc., AOL, Intel Corp and Many other major companies and law firms, of which No Doubt in my Mind Goldman Sachs has their hands in as well.. So Now an Investigation on Harbinger Capital Partners when the SEC has tons of proof on a 13 Trillion Dollar Investor Scandal with Iviewit Technologies and THEY IGNORE IT. .

Next up the IRS will step in and back up Goldman Sachs right? As the US Gov. is invested in Goldman Sachs right. and this brings to light also future licensing stalls, permit reviews that go on for years and whatever INSIDERS and the Corrupt Elite Can do in Order to Protect the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars that Verizon brings to the table and ALL the Major Companies that Verizon has deals with including Apple - including Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros, and lots of Multi-Billon Dollar Companies.

So there is a lot at stake if Verizon loses an inch on the Top Wireless Provider Ladder... So Verizon will, most likely do just about anything to hang on to their Status, and well letting in Lightsquared is simply not an option.

Look Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors and Watch Closely Folks as Goldmans Sachs has "Eyes and Ears" and "special favor pullers" within those SEC Investigations, Goldmans Sachs owns certain politicians and has amazing lobby power that will continue to attempt to keep Harbinger Capital Partners and Philip Falcone in bad "light" so that Verizon Stay on top and all that investment money stays intact. Thing is, I say Goldmans Sachs and Blackstone are now part of helping Verizon to become a monopoly and well, this is Illegal SHOULD the FTC, SEC, DOJ and such agencies care about such things....

Hopefully the control that Goldmans Sachs has within the NYAG will not play the game this time as the New York Attorneys office is already under extreme investigations for decades of corruption and this involves whitewashing, involves the New York State Bar - Involves Grievance committees and cover ups and well we will be watching and covering for Goldman Sachs this time will bring a MAJOR spotlight onto the NYAG and Related Corrupt Players - I Guarantee It !!!

Also Note, for those of you asking me, I am not saying that Curtis Lu - Lightsquared General Counsel is Not a Liability for Lightsquared Investors for he is a Major Liability as Curtis Lu was involved SEC Complaints, a Federal RICO LAWSUIT, and Massive Shareholder Fraud while the General Counsel of Time Warner Inc. over the iViewit Stolen Technology - more on that at . Curtis Lu should never have been hired as the General Counsel of Lightsquared and I stand by that, however, that does not change the fact that Blackstone and Goldman Sachs are creating a false media frenzy to Enrich themselves and their own investors as well as to protect Verizon.

I mean Who we kidding here. .. Proskauer Rose Law Firm was involved in the Madoff Scandal, the Thomas V. Sjoblom Mess, Allen Stanford Massive Financial Scandal, Galleon and Proskauer Rose was Responsible for the Enron Collapse. All covered up to protect the Corrupt Elite Billionaire investors, that Proskauer Rose Was and is in Bed With as well as SEC investigators, Politicians, the New York State Bar, the USPTO, the FTC, the FBI, the DOJ and well lets just say Proskauer Rose is Above the Law for now, and have been doing as they please for decades in the Massive Cover Up of Trillions in Fraud over the Iviewit Techologies Theft.

Proskauer Rose is Seriously in Bed with the SEC and has Elite Connections that keep them from Serious Investigations for years, decades in fact. And now we are to believe that this Same New York Corruption Racket is Really Looking out for Investors, Shareholders and the Public interest in the Harbinger Capital Partners current media scandal.

That is NOT based in Truth at all. As the Corruption within the Second Department, the First Department, the New York Grievance Committee involved, Rita Adler, Leslie Anderson, Andrew Cuomo - the NYAG office, Judge Pelzer and all those SAME Corrupt People that have covered up the Iviewit Technology - which will one day soon cost shareholders of the Biggest Companies in the World to Pay Trillions and of which there is 1200 documents and lots of voice recording... Proof of Fraud - Theft - Deceit and Illegal Behavoir ( ).

So the NYAG, SEC and those INVESTIGATORS sure are Specific on who the INVESTIGATE and on who they PROTECT..

Stay Tuned, I Intend to Uncover Every Dirty Secret of this In Bed with Verizon Party and Attack on Harbinger Capital Partners and Philip Falcone and to SEEK iViewit Justice as well as the Removal of Curtis Lu from his Throne. .. Stay Tuned..

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"Blackstone makes bid for Verizon's divested assets:

Blackstone Group, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts & Co.,

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you Get the Point.. Blachstone and Goldman Sachs NEED Verizon to not Slip a bit in fiancial gains.

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