Monday, November 29, 2010

Lockheed Martin Corporation Concealed the Liabilities from Shareholders - Robert J. Stevens CEO Knows and Fails to Disclose.

Lockheed Martin, Massive Shareholder Fraud.

The Lockheed Martin Corporation has Hid Billions of Dollars in Liability from the Lockheed Martin Shareholders, Knowingly.

Robert J. Stevens, Lockheed Martin - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Does Nothing to Protect the Lockheed Martin Shareholders from their inevitable Liability, it is not a matter of If.. the Shareholders will pay for the Lies, Cover Ups and Non-Disclosure of Lockheed Martin Corporation but When the Lockheed Martin Shareholders will Pay. And you can bet that the Lockheed Martin Corporation Executive have already protected themselves from this Massive Shareholder Fraud.

What does Robert J. Stevens, Lockheed Martin - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer think of the Massive Shareholder Liability that Lockheed Martin Faces over the STOLEN iViewit Technology.

What Does Lockheed Martin, James R. Ukropina - Chairman, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee think of the Iviewit Fraud that is Undisclosed to Lockheed Martin Shareholders?

Has the Lockheed Martin Corporation Board of Directors been notified of the Liability to Lockheed over the iViewit Stolen Technology and the involvement of iViewit?

What do these Lockheed Martin Corporation Board of Directors think of the Cover Up of Massive Liabilities in the iViewit Stolen Technology: E. C. “Pete” Aldridge Jr., Nolan D.
Archibald, David B. Burritt, James O. Ellis Jr., Gwendolyn S. King, James M. Loy, Douglas H. McCorkindale, Joseph W. Ralston, Frank Savage, James M. Schneider, Anne Stevens, and James R. Ukropina. The Board also determined that Marcus C. Bennett and Eugene F. Murphy

E. C. “Pete” Aldridge Jr.
Nolan D. Archibald
David B. Burritt
James O. Ellis Jr.
Gwendolyn S. King
James M. Loy
Douglas H. McCorkindale
Joseph W. Ralston
Frank Savage
James M. Schneider
Anne Stevens
Robert J. Stevens
James R. Ukropina

Links for More Information the iViewit Stolen Technology and how it affects your Lockheed Martin investment.

Enron Connections..
Lockheed Martin Named in SEC Complaint over Massive Shareholder Fraud and have NOT told Lockheed Martin Shareholders.

Sidenote: Lockheed Martin is Connected to Enron, and Proskauer Rose Law Firm sank Enron over the iViewit Technology Theft. Also Note that Textron Industries is Very Connected to Lockheed Martin - Dain Hancock served in various key executive positions before becoming President of Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems in 1995 and Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Corporation and President of the Aeronautics Company in 2000. Textron Industries called my home awhile back and Textron industries has connections to people who I believe have been paid to Silence me somehow..

More Coming Soon on Fraud, Corruption and Deception at Lockheed Martin over the iViewit Stolen Patent..

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