Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Criminal Complain against NYAG Andrew Cuomo Filed With New York Governor David Paterson by Eliot Bernstein, iViewit.

Letter Sent and RECEIVED, to New York Governor David Paterson from Iviewit Technologies Founder and One of the Iviewit Inventors, Eliot Bernstein.

" To All Parties,

Attached are Criminal Complaints against New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the New York Attorney General Office, Chief Of Staff for Andrew Cuomo Steven Michael Cohen and Monica Connell.

There are three separate letters in Adobe PDF attached, one to Governor David Paterson, one to the Supervising Judge of the NY Criminal Courts and one for Andrew Cuomo et al. Please docket these complaints as part of the Iviewit Investigations your offices are conducting as you have been cc’d this message as you are on the carbon copy of the letters.

As for the NY Attorney General Office and Staff this Complaint is lodged against, obviously since you are a DEFENDANT in the Iviewit RICO & ANTITRUST lawsuit referenced, while acting as counsel for NY State Defendants in the same lawsuit and further Defending Your Offices and Your Selves in conflict, while also investigating earlier complaints lodged with your offices causing further conflict, perhaps it is time to end your myriad of conflicts, which act to deny due process to my complaints through ILLEGAL STATE & FEDERAL OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and turn this CRIMINAL COMPLAINT over for IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION to a NON CONFLICTED SPECIAL PROSECUTOR or other Investigatory Agency that is free of Conflicts of Interest. If you need additional information please feel free to contact me at any of the numbers below.

Copies of the documents can also be found @

Criminal Complaint filed with NY AG Public Integrity Unit



Criminal Complaint filed with NY Criminal Court Supervising Judge, Hon. Melissa Jackson and Borough Chief Clerk, Serena Springle



Criminal Complaint filed with New York Governor David Paterson


Thank You and Have a Wonderful Holiday! Best ~ Eliot Bernstein "

Source ~ iViewit

The Iviewit Technology Theft will NOT Go Away, Not Ever. Over 12oo Documents of Proof on Massive Shareholder Fraud, Corruption, Collusion and Criminal Activity in the Highest of Courts and still these Criminals are In Business. I will Never Stop Posting On the TRUTH about all those involved in the Iviewit Patent Theft as, well this involves the Highest Courts in the Land, the Biggest Politicians, the Richest Law Firms and Tech Companies and Well Enough is Enough. I Demand Transparency and Accountability and I, for One DEMAND Justice for all who have suffered in the Dark over the Iviewit Stolen Inventions for over a decade now.

More on the Iviewit Stolen Patent, SEC Complaint, 13 Trillion Dollar Federal RICO Lawsuit, at www.DeniedPatent.com ~ www.Iviewit.TV

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