Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maureen Del Duca Deputy General Counsel of AOL KNOWS Full well of Massive AOL Shareholder Liability

Maureen Del Duca Deputy General Counsel of AOL and her Boss General Counsel Julie Jacobs KNOWS of the Massive Liability that AOL Shareholders will Face over the Blatant Theft of the Iviewit Technologies, the Violation of Contracts and Agreements with the iViewit Inventors.

See Maureen Del Duca and Julie Jacobs are hoping that they get their big pay checks long enough to put money away for their future and BEFORE you the AOL Shareholders Wake up to the over 1200 Documents of Proof at www.Iviewit.TV

The Iviewit Technology Scandal was BEFORE the AOL - Time Warner Split, all the Executives Past and Present at Warner Bros. , Time Warner Inc. , AOL .. .KNOW that one day they will LOSE a Federal RICO Lawsuit, they Will Lose against a Major SEC Complaint and they will have no choice but to face the 13 Trillion Dollar Liability they have known about over a decade as they continue to this day to prosper on the backs of the iViewit Technology inventors in which they Never Honored Agreements with. More on that at

Click Here for SEC Complaint that Maureen Del Duca and Julie Jacobs KNOW of and Refuse to Abide by the Law and Disclose to the AOL Investors. Welcome to AOL - Maureen Del Duca, Now you Know.. Will You Do the Right Thing?

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