Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New York Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District Leslie Anderson - Reading my Posts On Philip Falcone, Why?

Why is Leslie B. Anderson of the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York researching my Blogs, Reading my Posts On Philip Falcone and Harbinger Philip Falcone ?

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Seems to me that the Same THUGS at the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York that helped George Demos, Corrupt New York Attorney - Corrupt SEC Investigator covered over 330 Million in Fraud by JP Morgan and the the Same Lawless Bunch that Illegally Suspended the License of New York Attorney Ruth Pollack as well as helped countless Companies and Politicians to cover up Billions on top of Billions in Scandals...

Well they are Now Doing What they Can to Set Up - Discredit, Defame and Bring Economic Terrorism to Harbinger Capital Partner in order to Protect "Verizon" Stocks, on behalf of Companies such as and CERTAINLY not limited to... Goldman Sachs.. Blackstone and Very Important THUGS and Cronies such as the "Crotty" Family .. Right..?? I mean Connections to Verizon.. Gee that's not a hard connection to make.. More on that Fun Story Later..

So on the 19th of Nov. Leslie B. Anderson, (Cleaner - Whitewasher for Andrew Cuomo) 10th Judicial in New York is researching Harbinger Capital Partners to bone up on the scoop for her newest smack down in conjunction with the NYAG Corruption that is setting up Harbinger Capital Partners and Philip Falcone in order to Protect Verizon for Goldman Sachs and the Other Ga-Zillionaires invested in Verizon and Related Companies.

Which actually protects money that Paul A. Crotty, Former President of Verizon New
York has invested Right? or Stocks.. or ? ... Former Verizon President then a U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York, covering Manhattan - Hmmmm .. I Say - Paul A. Crotty has some Explaining to do.. Convenient Manhattan NYAG Investigating Harbinger Capital Partners and Philip Falcone.. ( Coming Soon - www.PaulCrotty.com - Got a Tip on Paul Crotty Corruption - Crystal@CrystalCox.com )

Anyway.. More on that Coming SOON ~ Count on It. For this post know that the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District is the "Cleaners" for the NYAG - Andrew Cuomo Corruption - ( Note: the Crotty Family put the Cuomo Family in Power - More on that Later) and all this is what protects Companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, and Law Firms Like Foley and Lardner, Proskauer Rose .. as well as tech companies like Intel Corp. , IBM, and media companies like Time Warner Inc.

See Andrew Cuomo pulls the strings on puppets like Leslie B. Anderson and WaLa the TRUTH Teller is Discredited, Set Up and quite often fined and jailed.. OR even Worse.. anyway.. they are harassed so much that they just want their life back so they Go Away.. NOT ME. . I don't go Away and Leave Victims in the Trenches.. NOT My Way.. So .. I am here to STAY..

And Now the Corrupt New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is to Be the Governor of New York, so this Wall of Corruption gets Stronger..

Thing is One day soon the Truth about Andrew Cuomo, and the Attorney Fraternity out of New York will be blatantly obvious to all and that Tipping Point is just about to arrive .. iViewit Technology - Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger and Brave Whistleblowers Such as Ruth Pollack and Christine Anderson, along with many others EXPOSING YOU .. RIGHT now.. Well We See that this Tipping Point Comes a Knocking.. and Soon..

The Proof of Corruption in the New York Justice System is getting bigger and bigger, Whistleblowers like Ruth Pollack, Christine Anderson and more are exposing massive amounts of corruption along with tons of blogs - Andrew Cuomo can only hide his Dirty Deeds so long. ...

Ruth Pollack Testimony

Christine Anderson Testimony

That Tipping Point May Just Be the Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit Technologies Criminal Complaint against NYAG Andrew Cuomo - Governor Elect Andrew Cuomo. What the New York Governors Office Does with this Criminal Complaint against Andrew Cuomo will be under a Major Spotlight, I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT.

Here is the
Criminal Complaint against NYAG Andrew Cuomo - Governor Elect Andrew Cuomo made by Eliot Bernstein, Founder of Iviewit Technologies and One of the Iviewit Inventors.

Or Maybe the Tipping Point on New York Corruption will be the Petition For Writ Of Certiorari in the United States Supreme Court - Kevin G. Chesney - Chesney v. Valley Stream

See the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District gets down in the mud and takes peoples lives as they know it, takes their careers and reputation and all to cover up what Andrew Cuomo .. Says they MUST Cover Up. Which has no basis in Equal Protection under the Law, and No Relevance to the True Facts of the Cases involved.

The Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York via Cronies .. Puppets like Leslie Anderson - well they have the power to SHUT down the Truth with the Stroke of a Pen and in the Judicial Hell Hole of the
Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in the Court of New York - Well the TRUTH is NO Defense... and You Lose.

So Today While Leslie B. Anderson is Researching the Latest Andrew Cuomo, Paul Crotty High Finance Victim - "Harbinger Capital Partners" - Well She stumbles on what I posted about her, last week, which was mostly just a bio with a bit of sass, and was nothing compared to what I had Already Exposed of her corrupt activity over the Peter Sivere incident and the Smackdown of New York Attorney Ruth Pollack.

None the Less.. the NYAG - Andrew Cuomo Thug for Hire - Leslie B. Anderson.. well she just noticed my writings today and well she got riled up like a Rabid Grizzly Bear and Boy did She Screw Up !!!

Stepped Right into Blogger Scat She Did.. You Can See from the Web Stats above that Today Leslie Anderson looks at my Blog Post on her and then admires the Blogger Profile "Queen of all Database" - which is the fake profile she set up today to defame my real estate company, Slam me, Discredit me, Harass me and well PROVE that she can actually "investigate" something if she wants to .. even if it is just WHO Owns CrystalCox.com ~ Which is Kind of.. Well Easy..

So Who is Paying Leslie B. Anderson of the New York Court System to attack me, harass me, post defamation on me ... Well the New York Tax Payers ARE for One.. thing is which Puppet Master has Leslie B. Anderson ALL up in my business and why Today after months of Exposing her Corrupt activity .. why Come for me Today? What's so Special About Today?

This was her Comment. "in part" to not further defame the innocent, I will be giving the Full Document to my Attorney for my Defamation Lawsuit against the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in the New York Court System and Against Leslie B. Anderson Personally.

Leslie Anderson of the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York Posted This On My Blog Today from WORK on YOUR DIME !! ( please note the mis-spellings and grammar as well as her slam in My First attack this morning which I will share in another Post, well that was about My Grammar.. and Spelling. ..

Leslie B. Anderson, NY 10th District Grievance Comm. Posts this:

"... I hope that you make a better real estate agent than you do "Investigatiave Blogger"

Your "information" pales when compared to that publically available on networks such as LinkedIn.com.

Less than two minutes of my own "investigative" work uncovered your identity:"

So Slams my Real Estate Career she Assumes I have .... Spells Investigative WRONG.. Slams my "network" and then .. WOW.. Such a GREAT Investigator for the the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York - She Uncovered MY SECRET.. Who I am.. the Burning Question on Everyone's Tongue.. Who is this Masked Investigative Blogger Calling herself Crystal L. Cox?

I do Post in my own name Pretty Much Every Day and well uncovering my "Identity" is certainly NOT something such a Powerful New York Attorney should brag about being able to do and so Quickly To.. "Snaps for Leslie B. Anderson" - Good Job ~ You Uncovered my Real Identity... Now What?

Anyway, Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District in New York and Leslie B. Anderson Puppet for New York Corruption... The Victims in your Financial War, Your Greedy Corporate Cover Ups.. that Simply told the TRUTH on Corruption, and turned on a Light in a Room that had lots of bad deeds happening for a very long time - Well THEY will NOT be Collateral Damage on My Watch. I Will EXPOSE you Leslie B. Anderson .. Every SINGLE Act.. Every Law You Broker, Every Indescretion, Every Ethics Violation, If it Takes me a Decade to Do it.. - Can't ya Just Hear them there Skeletons Rattlin' in Leslie Anderson's Closet? Boy I sure Can.. Music to My Ears..

Stay Tuned.. It Should be "Riveting"...

And PS: I do have a Spine, I do have a Good Moral Compass, And I do stand on the Right Side of the Law...I Do not Let those Who Tell the TRUTH be stripped of all they know to be there life and Do Nothing to Get Their Truth Heard, and I DO post in My Real Name.. So Leslie B. Anderson - aKa - "Queen of all database" - You may Want to "Bring Your A Game" for your Next Attack on Me..

posted Proudly By
Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

Tiny Little Sidenote.. "I don't Think you have the Stomach for This, "Pumpkin" - and I guarantee you, MY BALLS are bigger then YOURS.. "