Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proskauer Rose Law Firm Accused of Murder by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox over the iViewit Technologies Scandal.

I Believe Proskauer Rose Law Firm Big Wigs Murdered Steven Krane and Stephen Kaye and Tried to Murder iViewit Technolgy Founder and One of the Iviewit Inventors Eliot Bernstein and his Entire Family.

Ever Wonder Why a Man's Car is Bombed in a Public Place in the State of Florida and the Local Police, District Court, Sheriff, County Attorney and Supreme Courts does nothing to EVEN look into it? Are You Kidding Me..? and the FBI File mysteriously disappears.. Come on

Well that is Because Proskauer Rose LLP will do as they Damn Well Please and you will Sit Down, Shut Up and Take it or.. YOU will DIE. .. at the Very Least you will Lose your Quality of Life and all you knew to be your Life before you became Proskauer Rose's Target..

See when Proskauer Rose's Corrupt Patent Attorney Christopher Wheeler first jumped on the Let's Steal an Awesome Invention idea well Kenneth Rubenstein (MPEG LA attorney - with Proskauer Rose) was not working with Proskauer Rose, though Kenneth Rubenstein is kind of the Last Man Standing Now... as Christopher Wheeler Esq. was removed from Proskauer Rose LLP awhile back to keep him silent on the Iviewit Stolen Technology .. oh and the WHOLE Christopher Wheeler got drunk, almost killed a guy .. paid for his Silence thing. and Christopher Wheeler using Corrupt Proskauer Rose LLP connections to Steal HIS Grandchildren and Hospitalize their Mother ILLEGALLY.. . anyway..

Kenneth Rubenstein, joined the Lets Steal iViewit Technologies Invention for Lockheed Martin and MPEG LA Party.. well alittle Late.. and Odd Kenneth Rubenstein, Corrupt Patent Attorney - and Well seriously "in bed with MPEG LA" - well Kenneth Rubenstein is Alive and Well, and still at Proskauer Rose LLP - despite the Perjured Deposition over the iViewit Technology theft, which you would think a powerful law firm like Proskauer Rose would Frown on..

On the Record, and Recorded in Voice - Perjured Deposition Kenneth Rubenstein - MPEG LA
Scroll Down past the MPEG LA, Proskauer Rose, Lockheed Martin SEC Complaint..

a Proven Criminal and Still Proskauer Rose keeps him around and MPEG LA just loves him.. there is a BIG reason for this..

Kenneth Rubenstein - Proskauer Rose LLP, a Self Proclaimed "Wealth Protection Attorney" is a Proven Criminal and this Corrupt Proskauer Rose LLP attorney is protected in every way, as well, he has the power to bring in Billions on Top of Billions with the MPEG LA company using the iViewit Technology by Illegal Patent Pools.. Also with the SILENCE of Kenneth Rubenstein.. MPEG LA - Lockheed Martin stays out of Indictments and Massive Scandals in RICO and Recovery, in SEC Fraud, and a Federal RICO Lawsuit - as does Time Warner Inc., AOL, Intel Corp. , Warner Bros. , Sony and many more involved in the Massive Shareholder Fraud over the Stolen IViewit Technlogy. ( http://www.deniedpatent.com/ )

so Kenneth Rubenstein has them all by the Balls.. and well he is certainly protecting their wealth for now.. thing is Kenneth Rubenstein forgot to Factor in .. well the TRUTH and those who Seek it.. such as me.. He Failed miserably to recognize that there would be some Mad Dog Blogger someday who would get all Truth Telling, Conspiracy Exposing, Illegal Activity Proclaiming on his Ass. AND prove IT .. without a Doubt in the Mind of any Honest Court, Ethical Attorney.. , Law Abiding Judge or well, anyone with a Brain !!!

See Kenneth Rubenstein, last Man Standing at Proskauer Rose in the Iviewit Scandal.. well certainly he knows of the Murders of his Collegues by the Big Wigs at Proskauer Rose ? Why is Kenneth Rubenstein still with Proskauer Rose? hmmm..

Steven Krane, Proskauer Rose BIG Wig Attorney connected to Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye, who was appointed by Mario Cuomo.. ( and well is the Wife of "Deceased" Stephen Kaye.. well Steven Krane died at 53 .. come on . I believe that Proskauer ROSE murdered both Steven Krane and Stephen Kaye..

Believe what makes you Sleep best at Night.

But as for me. I believe it was Murder flat out, to hide what they knew about the 13 Trillion Dollar Technology that Kenneth Rubenstein, Christopher Wheeler - Proskauer ROSE Thugs STOLE for MPEG LA.. and Lockheed Martin..

... and to hide the Facts they Knew about the Attempted Murder of the Eliot Bernstein Family.. So I Believe, Proskauer Rose LLP Killed their Own Top Attorneys.. to Protect "the Firm" ..

Surely Proskauer Rose has connections to Big Pharma Companies that can help them in a drug that will induce a Natural Cause of Death such as a Heart Attack.. How about.. Say .. Regeneron Pharmceuticals, Inc. - connected to Textron.. in a Behind the Scenes.. Scratch your Back .. way.. Hmm.. kind of Gets ya Thinking.. (Trivia: what Connects Textron to Lockheed to Proskauer to Regeneron... oh and then back to me.. ) hmm.. ???

I also believe that Chris Wheeler formerly of Proskauer Rose, along with the NY Proskauer Rose THUGS hired someone to BOMB the Mini Van of Inventor Eliot Bernstein in effort to Kill Eliot Bernstein - iviewit inventor and his family... and Proskauer ROSE paid off the Boca Police in Order To Cover Up the Bombing.. therefore it was NEVER investigated.. and funny .. I am a Homeland Security Risk for BLOGGING.. and a Bombing was not even investigated.. and covered up by local cops as well as a Florida Supreme Court Judge (Jorge Larbarga) .. Shocking to Say the Least.. Well I guess.. 13 Trillion Dollars is a Whole Lot of Money..

Oh and Don't Forget Eric Turner Florida Bar Attorney and the Flat Out Suppression of Truth by the Corrupt Supreme Court Judge Jorge Labarga ... All Bought and Paid for By the Corrupt, Evil, Immoral, Criminals at Proskauer Rose LLP - Law Firm.

oh and Foley and Lardner of Course.. .Michael Grebe was in On ALL of it.. Attempted Murder to Steal an Invention where by he was the Patent Attorney Firm in Charge of the Protection of the Inventor.. Michael Grebe is the Most "Well Connected Corrupt Attorney in America" - Says Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.. "Me" and well, thats a Fact.. !!!
(Note: Proskauer Rose is Filthy Rich, Evil and Connected, but Michael Grebe is the ONE who has the Power to Bug My home Phones, to put me on a Homeland Security list and to monitor my phone calls.. and well Duh.. I know how long you have been doing it.. I have NOTHING to Hide.. I am NOT the Criminal.. I am the Voice of TRUTH !! "

Oh and Don't Forget the FBI Lost the File on the Bombing.. That was a Michael Grebe Cover Up as Well..

So Proskauer Rose LLP and Foley and Lardner,
You Boys Bout' Decided what to Do about Me Yet?

.. or YOU going to let the Textron THUGS
continue to do your Dirty Work?

..by the way.. I Love the Way you paid for MORE SPACE in the GOOGLE search to push me down.. thing is the" Truth is Like Cream" and it Rises to the Top..
so Keep On Coming.. Thugs and Thieves..
I Fear No Evil ..

So Proskauer Rose, Michael Grebe, Lockheed Martin, Intel Corp, Warner Bros., Jeffrey Bewkes, Bruce Sewell, Foley and Lardner, MPEG LA, Kenneth Rubenstein.. I have Decided it is Officially Time for YOUR COME TO JESUS Party to Begin.. Ready ?


Crystal L. Cox

Investigative Blogger