Monday, November 8, 2010

Wisconsin is in BIG Trouble Now that Michael Grebe is IN CHARGE.. oh and Don't Think he is NOT..

Michael Grebe is a POWER Elite - Connected to Lockheed Martin, Textron Industries, the Bush Administration, the Cheney Family, the USPTO and Well President Obama was at Foley and Larder WITH the Corrupt Attorney Michael Grebe. Michael Grebe is connected to the Biggest Corporations ,the Biggest Political Connection.. the Biggest Taxpayer Rip Offs, Cover Ups.. and Well the Darkest of Deeds.. an Above the Law Power Elite - Michael Grebe..

Michael Grebe is running Billions on Top of Billions in Foundation scams

Michael Grebe is named in a Multi-Trillion Dollar Federal RICO Complaint over the STEALING of the Iviewit Technology... Michael Grebe is named in the SEC Complaint over the Fraud and Corruption as a Patent Attorney in the iViewit Technology Case.. Does the Wisconsin Political Watchdogs not care at all.. Look at the Facts Folks..

Michael Grebe is a Criminal.. And you are HIS TARGET..

Well below is at least One Political Watchdog in Wisconsin Politics ...

" Buckle your seat belts. We are in for a rough ride!

Do you wonder what the insiders really think about our Wisconsin economy?

Can they really believe they can eliminate thousands of state workers, layoff teachers, cut programs, privatize everything in site and still add 250,000 jobs in four years? That is 177 new jobs every day, including weekends. So far Walker has lost 300 at Kohler and lost 500-1,000 at the Spanish fast train car manufacturer.

To keep pace with his 250,000 pledge, he should be able to point to creation of 1,242 new jobs in his first week, but, alas, he has lost the jobs listed above and has not created any new ones unless he is hiding them for a big announcement!Here is the scary part.

Walker does not have a plan of action to add 177 jobs per day. He has no idea how he can possibly create 250,000 jobs in four years. He knows that taxes must be raised or all hell will break loose.

If he enacts his right-to-life agenda, thousands of great jobs with promising futures researching stem cells will leave Wisconsin for California, New York and Boston.So what is the real plan?

It was announced years ago by that nut Grover Norquist: "Reduce government to the point where it can be drowned in the bathtub." It is the triumph of the "greed is good" philosophy of Wall Street.

Scott and his lawyer pal Michael Grebe want to destroy government and return to the good old days of the Depression. This time, they won't let some rich SOB like FDR ruin their plot."

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