Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alan R. Kahn Knows the Investment Business. Seems Alan R. Kahn has a Long History of Filing Lawsuits

Alan R. Kahn - Kahn Brothers Group Inc.

Seems Like Alan R. Kahn loves filing lawsuits


In November 1998, Time magazine devoted nearly a quarter of Donald Bartlett and James Steele's four-part special report on corporate welfare to Seaboard, its subsidies, its treatment of its work force, and its environmental and business crimes. See also Boston Business Journal, February 1993; and Kansas City Star, April 1993.

"In 1990, Alan R. Kahn, a Wall Street investment broker and Seaboard stockholder, filed a lawsuit in Delaware seeking an accounting of the profits earned by the Breskys through their intercompany dealings.

Kahn alleged that the Breskys required Seaboard Corp. to enter into business deals with Seaboard Flour that generated "unlawful profits" for Seaboard Flour. In short, according to Kahn's allegations, the Breskys used their controlling positions in the two companies to move money from the public company to their private business... "


Much More Coming Soon on the Many Lawsuits of Alan R. Kahn of Kahn Brothers Group Inc.,

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