Friday, December 17, 2010

Do NOT Buy Cardio Cocktail - Do Not Join Formor International.

My Name is Crystal L. Cox, I use to be a Distributor for Formor International selling the Formor International Product Cardio Cocktail.

I QUIT Formor International due to Chronic Lies, Random Pay Plan changes, interference with my Internet Traffic, Stealing my Customers, Discriminating against me, NOT following policy and procedures deliberately and suggesting we don't follow things such as HAVE Websites and Signing up your Spouse.. oh until they want to STEAL your Downline and then the Corrupt Michael Goss and Formor International Cronies Pull OUT the Rules and Say no one is to have a Website, and well they pressure you.. and then STEAL FROM YOU..

Much more dishonesty, cruelty and flat out theft by the Formor International Company of the Internet Business we Built that Promoted THEIR COMPANY and absolutely no Transparency or Accountability.

I Quit over and over, though Formor International claims I was Fired, they simply refused to let me out of me Distributorship. See if Formor International keeps you a Distributor but interferes with your business and takes your revenue, it is much easier while your still a For

I was so Excited to be a Formor International Distributor. We jumped in on a Flat Run to Promote Formor International and their star product Cardio Cocktail. We Were on top of the Search Engines for Cardio Cocktail in 5 Weeks.. we spent tons of money and massive amounts of time only to be persecuted by Formor International for they did not like that we Beat the Formor International Mafia in the Game of Internet Marketing.

The Smart thing for the Corrupt Company of Formor International to do would be to embrace us, to work with us and make Formor International stronger and in turn us and all of our distributors stronger.. but instead the Greedy, Discriminating, Thieving, Dis-Honest Formor International Thugs just harassed us - shut off our incoming links that we put everything into building and they simply ruined our Online Arginine Business Just to Steal the Work we did and the Clients, Distributors and Customers we had built for US and For them.

Do NOT doubt that your Different.

ALL Formor International Distributors are Collateral Damage in their War on their own Distributors for PURE GREED. They will be great in the beginning, until they want you to lie for them, cover up for them, or simply want to take your Formor International downline.

Look at Formor International 's record... they bring in people and then after they build a HUGE downline, Formor International FIRES THEM.. they Fired Dr. Harry without Cause, they Fired Dr. Elizabeth Owings ... and they STOLE their Down Line, Hurt their Reputation and all to keep the lies and corrupt activities of Formor International under the proverbial Rug .. and all this in the Name of the Bible .. name of God.. as they FIRE People with Scriptures.. WHAT?

Formor International is NOT supportive of your eCommerce Business, though they pretend in the begining that they are.. Formor International steals your customers, clients and web traffic.

Formor International has double standards for distributors that they favor and once you have a large downline they pull out the now famous Formor Policy and Procedures manual and they FIRE you without warning and STEAL YOUR ENTIRE Downline, it does not even go to your upline.

Look at their track record, this is your life.
YOU cannot Afford to NOT Do your Homework

You put years into building your business online and the Greedy Goss family and other Formor International Cronies reap the reward that you and your family should be enjoy. Is this a Chance you are WILLING to take? Well if so email me your story in a year or few when the Formor International takes out a hit on your business.

And on top of a Pay Plan that Sucks and unEthical Business Dealings, now Formor International has raised the price of Cardio Cocktail Again Out Sheer Greed...

Got a Complaint about how Formor International Treats You?

Got a Complaint on Stan Goss or Michael Goss of Formor International?

My site about Formor International is - I get emails all the time from Formor International Distributors who have been cheated, lied to and mislead by Michael Goss and Formor International .

Email me your Story of Corruption, Mistreatment, Fraud and Flat Out Lies by the Formor International Mafia.

Do Not Join Formor International for Any Reason. There is not ONE good Reason to be a Formor International Distributors - NOT One?

Join Me at Good Life International. I Call it the "Arginine Team" and we Work With you in Selling a Quality Liquid Arginine Supplement.

This is Your Life. How Do you Want to Live it?

I Want NO Artery Plaque, I want to Breath Easy and have Plenty of "Wind". I want to make money helping other people Feel Great and Make Money. I don't want the Drama of MLM Companies Like Formor International that Lie, Cheat and Steal.

When I Tell my Good Life International Distributor that they Can Do this.. .and that the Arginine Product they are taking is Of Integrity and that the Company is Of Integrity, I want to Know that it Is True and If the Day Comes when and if that is Not True ... My Good Life International Distributor KNOW that I will Stand up and FIGHT for their Rights, their Income, Their Family, Without a Doubt.
Posted here by
Crystal L. Cox
EX-Formor International Distributor -
QUIT Not FIRED.. though they fired me months
after I quit and they refused my resignation.

Crystal L. Cox