Friday, December 3, 2010

Leslie Silverman and Paul Salvator of Proskauer Rose Law Firm "Fixing Cases" .

Proskauer Rose Fixing Cases? Gee Imagine that.
Proskauer Rose LLP is Corrupt.

"Proskauer Rose LLP donating money to Clyde Lo-chin's Steel drum club.

Clyde Lo-Chin (currently mediator in Tampa, FL EEOC) recruited me (Ricardo E. Jones) and a friends (Robert Brown) of the US Army Reserves to apply for positions at the EEOC-NYDO as investigators on or/about early 2001.

Clyde had meetings with us both to prepare us for the interviews with members of management of EEOC-NYDO.

I never believed that I was going to be hired despite my background in Law Enforcement and investigation.

Clyde said not to worry you'll get hired. I was hired sometime the first week of April 2001.

After I was hired Clyde was working on a big case against Ralph Laren Polo involving a large Black Class of employees.

Sometime later Clyde asked me to attend one of the settlement conferences at Proskauer Rose LLP where I meet top negotiator Paul Salvator Esq, and other attorneys for Polo.

Later after the conference I was contacted by Paul Salvator of Proskauer Rose.

Paul asked if I had a case with the respondent MBIA.

Paul Salvator wanted me to set-up a similar conference to settle the case. I did and it settled for $650,000.00 in less than 90 days.

Clyde Lo chin admitted to me that he asked Paul Salvator to have Polo to donate $5000.00 to his Clyde's Steel Drum club and he did.

Clyde Lo Chin has a relationship with Nancy Boyd who at the time of my hire was Enforcement manager, and later Deputy Director of the EEOC-NYDO.

Nancy Boyd was fixing cases for Vice Chair of EEOC Leslie Silverman (formerly of the Senate subcommittee on employment and workplace safety) for the Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

Leslie Silverman left EEOC and became a partner of Proskauer Rose in Washington DC and works with Paul Salvator of Proskauer Rose in Washington DC. "

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Crystal L. Cox

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